Mental Health: Five Ways to Improve It

Mental HealthWho does not want to be in the best mental health possible? As individuals move through their day, encountering new problems and facing new stress, it can take its toll on mental health. Here are five ways to improve one’s mental health.

Taking care of one’s physical health plays a big impact on mental health. One cannot function at his or her best during sleep deprivation, when he or she is hungry, or at other times when the physical body is not well. In order for mental-health functioning to be well, one needs to get exercise which can include something like going to the gym or even a simple walk around the neighborhood. Nutrition is key for good physical health and mental health, so eating right is important. Getting enough sleep is also crucial. Try creating a bedtime routine to stick to each day in order to help fall asleep faster at night.

Learning how to handle stress is another important piece in the mental-health puzzle. Determine one’s stress triggers, and how to either avoid them or ways to cope with them. Knowing how to appropriately cope with stress is extremely important in maintaining mental health. Two good ways to handle stress are deep breathing and meditation. There are a variety of meditation exercises available to be learned. Practice those and then use them when feeling stressed.

Taking on new challenges can also improve mental health. The key is to ensure that the tasks are challenging, but not stressful. Learning a new skill, like how to play the guitar, can provide a good challenge. Taking on a new project at work, trying to master some complex recipes, or learning how to dance are all possibilities. Finding a good challenge is important.

Another one of the five ways to improve mental health focuses on relationships. Building good relationships, and maintaining them, is important to mental health. Focus on friends and family. Work on developing those relationships. Also, look into what is going on in the community. Being involved in the community will allow one to not only give back, but will help build new relationships. Build relationships with colleagues at work, as this can be beneficial for mental health. It is a relationship, and it is also a chance to learn new skills.

The fifth way is to have some time for oneself each day. Finding an enjoyable activity and making time for it is important to mental health. Meditation might be the activity one enjoys. If so that is fantastic, because it will help relieve stress and also give the individual time to his or herself. Gardening is another good option, along with reading, painting, or volunteering. The options are limitless, just choose something enjoyable.

Taking care of one’s mental health is important. Good mental health can increase happiness, confidence, and the ability to handle problems. It is important to note that if one feels like he or she cannot handle his or her mental health alone, a professional should be consulted. One last bonus to add to the five ways to improve mental health is to be kind. ¬†Helping others helps one to feel good, which is good for mental health.

By Ashley Campbell


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