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We all know that Madonna is the queen of reinvention and that the music icon has set fashion trends for decades. Stepping out in New York City on Saturday with the Queen of Pop’s children, daughter Mercy shows the world that the young girls style is divergent from Madonna’s.

Eight-year-old Mercy is certainly taking fashion into her own hands as the young girl dressed up for the families visit to the Kabbalah Centre. Mercy Ciccone wore a beautiful floral dress, black tights, a beige coat and an adorable black flower headband on her head. Brothers David Ciccone and Rocco Richie wore white which is the standard for male Kabbalah followers because the belief is that white attracts positive energy. Madonna herself was dressed down with black, baggy sweats, a skull and bones t-shirt and a triangle patterned scarf in black, white and grey. Holding a baseball cap in one hand, Madonna had her hair pulled back in a pony-tail, parted down the middle and donned a pair of black, frameless shades. Black studded ankle boots finished the casual ensemble as the family looked all very ‘normal’ on the streets of New York.

Madonna began Kabbalah in the mid 90’s and Madge’s children have been brought into the fold. Though Rocco, son with ex-hubby Guy Richie, wore a blue sweater over the white clothes it is obviously due to the chilly weather. The Like A Virgin singer is not the only celebrity to grace the Kabbalah Centre. Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Roseanne Barr received one-on-one instruction by Kabbalah teacher Eitan Yardeni.

Daughter Lourdes jumped onto the fashion bandwagon when the pair revealed the Material Girl fashion line.  Lourdes father is Carlos Leon, a personal trainer, actor and comedian but is really best known for his involvement with the Hung Up star. Lourdes fashion sense is more along the lines of Madonna’s and the young fashionista proves that by making headlines all on her own. It isn’t just style that Lourdes got from her famous mom but it seems Madonnas independence rubbed off on Lourdes as well.  When the young trend setter turned 16 she wanted her own apartment and got it. Sounds like a young Madonna in the making. Mercy, however, is showing that her fashion style is divergent from mother, Madonna. Though Mercy is only eight, one just has to look at Lourdes at that age to see the difference in style and influence.

Madonna’s style in the 80’s is unforgettable and over accessorizes with crosses, crosses and more crosses. Then the Papa Don’t Preach singer cut off all the stars locks and wore a cute pixie style haircut. Then came the lace and hair extensions as Madonna’s style edged towards sex. The famous cone bra’s come to mind. After releasing the controversial SEX book, Madonna dressed, or undressed accordingly. Then the Material Girl singer worked the Hollywood glamorous look and then entered the Evita stage. Ray of Light revealed yet another side to Madonna as the star embraced the geisha and spirituality look. Now Madonna is wearing whatever the Queen of Pop wants and it looks like daughter Mercy is as well.

Of course only time will tell how Mercy Ciccone will grow up and into what styles the young girl will fashion. Right now though, the little girls style is so divergent from her mother, Madonna that it is a breath of fresh air to see.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw


Daily Mail

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  1. It is not a surprise if Madonna and Mercy diverge in their fashion style, because personal fashion style is often influenced by the socialistic values and the general fashion trend of the society. The pair are definitely not of the same generation.

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