Mexican Fans Clash With Police Resulting in Stadium Closure

Mexican Fans

Several  soccer fans who came to see the Guadalajara Chivas play were involved in a scuffle that injured 40 people and had 17 arrested. As a result, authorities had no choice but to execute a closure of Jalisco stadium due to a clash with police, resulting in many upset and injured people.

In addition to 30 Mexican fans, eight police officers were injured with two of them having serious bodily injuries.

The situation got to a boiling point down the stretch of the game when police were outnumbered in the upper pavilion of the stadium by Mexican fans. Closure and locking the Mexican stadium shut was the resulting action in a dire situation of a clash with fans and police. Support was given from the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) to the city where investigation is ongoing in search of the instigators of the fight.

By Simon Mounsey

Yahoo Sports

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