Michael Jackson New Song ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ Revealed

Michael Jackson

Timbaland is attempting to seal his musical legacy forever by putting out a posthumous Michael Jackson album.  And, as a teaser to fans, he has released a small snippet of one of Jackson’s previously unreleased songs called Slave to the Rhythm.

While the music producer says that he has made the songs on the new album “a little more current” he also notes that “you can’t lose the essence that it’s unreleased Michael Jackson stuff.”  He further adds  “You’ve got to be a true Michael Jackson fan to appreciate what I’m about to do.”

This is actually not the first time this particular track has made its way onto the Internet.  A version of Slave to the Rhythm, which was reportedly created during Jackson’s Dangerous recording sessions, was leaked in 2010.  Then, in August of 2013, a remade version including Jackson and Justin Bieber also made its way onto the Internet.  This version, which alternates between views of Jackson and Bieber dancing, appears below:

News of the planned new album came in late in 2013 when Timbaland made the announcement via Revolt TV that he was working on a project commissioned by L.A. Reid and Epic Records to bring new life to some of Jackson’s unreleased songs.  The release of the short snippet of Jackson’s vocals this past Thursday on Soundcloud gave the world a sneak peek into what to expect.  While the snippet has since been removed from Soundcloud, it can also be heard in the following commercial from Sony for its Xperia Z2:

The arrival of Jackson’s new song Slave to the Rhythm comes at a time of renewed interest in the late entertainer.  Just last week it was claimed by FilmOn.com’s Alki David that Brandon Howard, also known as B. Howard, had tested positive as being Jackson’s biological son.  While the supposed DNA testing results were quickly claimed to be a fake by TMZ, with other media outlets following suit, it brought a great deal of attention to the deceased entertainer, as well as his alleged son, due to the uncanny physical resemblance between Howard and Jackson as well as their similar mannerisms and vocal style.  The fact that Howard’s family knew the Jackson family and that his mother once went by the name “Billy” also brought a certain amount of believability to the story, making people questions whether she was the Billie Jean whose “kid was not my son.”

Jackson’s name was once again in the spotlight when Need for Speed actor Aaron Paul appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Thursday and revealed a surreal night that he spent partying and getting drunk with Jackson and the Prince of Brunei at a birthday party outside of London.  Unfortunately, while Paul did go on to spend more time with the Prince, he and the King of Pop never really developed any sort of friendship.

While it is too soon to see if Jackson’s fans will feel that Timbaland has done the legendary singer justice with his production of Slave to the Rhythm and the new album, Jackson is clearly still able to keep his name in the news, even from beyond the grave.

By Nancy Schimelpfening


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3 Responses to "Michael Jackson New Song ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ Revealed"

  1. Dan   March 15, 2014 at 7:36 am

    I can’t believe it… Slave to the Rhythm was my favourite ‘gem’ by MJ… like one of those treasured little trinkets that seem special because you’ve stumbled across it by accident and discovered how awesome it is!

    Now this stupid Bieber version is all i can find and the original is nowhere to be found. It was good enough!!! It was definitely worthy of being on a CD… now they add Bieber just to draw more people towards it and make it “more current” and they’ve ruined it!! MJ didn’t need to be ‘current’…. he had his own unique style, that’s why he won tons of awards, that’s why he’s the most successful artist of all time… that’s why people LIKED him. Letting Bieber mimic Jackson’s every note (yes, copying what was already there) just shows that the producers don’t care about Jackson’s legacy… they just want the money. Doesn’t matter about the fans does it? They’ll buy anything with Michael Jackson’s name printed on the front of it.

    • Version Herrscher   June 5, 2014 at 5:28 am

      I am 100% AGREE with you~ I have the original copy if you want…

      I really sad they ruin all the song in Michael Jackson Xscape album. I like the old and original by MJ. It has the beat the rhythm of MJ trademark you know…XD

  2. Erika Cagliari   March 10, 2014 at 9:38 am

    I love this song, but in truth, the best version is when Michael sings it alone. I cannot fathom why the original version is not good enough to be released as it was finished by Michael himself. That being said, I give credit to Justin Bieber for not butchering the song. I hope Timbaland will be similarly respectful to leave as much of the original work as possible.

    As to dancing skills and presentation, maybe Justin could improve a tad. It would be awesome if he would 1) wear a shirt, 2) pull up his pants, 3) lose the ridiculous baggy clothing and 4) basically stop looking like he just rolled out of bed after a rough night of partying. Compared to him, Michael looks like an absolute gentleman in his suit and tie, his Fedora, his crisp shirt and, well, his dancing IS flawless and without effort. Michael totally wins this dance-off.

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