Michael Jackson Still Has One More Story to Tell


During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last Thursday, Aaron Paul, known for his role in Breaking Bad, but also for the upcoming Need for Speed told the host about the very long weekend he spent with Michael Jackson long before the actor was famous and suggested that the late artist still has one more story to tell. However, the actor admitted that what happened during that weekend stays there and he will not talk about the discussions he had with the singer.

Aaron Paul recalled the entire conversation with the king of pop during the weekend of the Prince of Brunei’s 25th birthday. The party, at which he came as a friend’s plus one seemed surreal not because the Breaking Bad star accidentally broke one of the prince’s hovercrafts, but because he had the chance to get drunk with and talk to Michael Jackson who, as it seems, still has one more story to tell. He also told Details magazine that he received personal advice from the singer and, although Paul admitted there are plenty of things he wants “to talk about from that night,” he will not say anything about Jackson and the discussion they had about forgiveness and family.


Aaron Paul admits that he does not know why he never told the story before, but now he decided to partially reveal what happened six years ago, when he went to Prince of Brunei’s party in a castle, outside of London.

He recalled that the prince instantly recognized him from one of his previous movies, Whatever It Takes and the two connected because the film was one of the prince’s favorites. Among all crazy things that happened during that weekend, Paul stated that spending so much time with Jackson was the most interesting of all. Chasing the sheep around the castle and breaking a hovercraft seemed like the recipe for a perfect weekend, but the intense discussions he had with the king of pop represented the best part.

Just before going to bed, a man grabbed Paul and told him that prince Azim was waiting for him in the library.

It was just Michael, the Prince and I talking for about an hour,” Paul said.

Although after the heart-to-heart discussion they got drunk with other ten people, the real eye-opener for the Need for Speed star was what Jackson advised him to do. The talk about life and growing up received its cherry on top when the late singer put his arm around Paul’s shoulder and comforted him. The actor recalled hearing a great piece of advice regarding forgiveness, no matter how happy or rough his childhood was.

“Once you realize that, it’s fine,” Jackson told Paul.

Although Paul did not say more and preferred to keep the rest of the discussion for himself, the piece of advice the king of pop offered him suggested that, with the artist, there is more than meets the eye. As a result, the actor kept this rendezvous close to his heart, although he never saw the Beat It singer again. The rest of the night was drowned in tequila shots, but the heart-to-heart conversation was unique, which, to some extent, might mean that Michael Jackson still has one more story to tell about family and forgiveness.

By Gabriela Motroc


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