Michael Schumacher Could Go Home


Three months have passed since Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident which determined doctors to keep the German seven-time Formula One champion in an induced coma, but he could soon go home. His wife Corinna has decided to take her husband back home in their lavishing estate on Lake Geneva, Switzerland, but not before she spent over $16 million on transforming the mansion into a medical facility. The champion has lost approximately 25 percent of his body mass, but his family has ignored the doctors’ opinion with regard to his recovery and still hopes for a miracle.

Michael Schumacher once said that it is hard “to find a partner who unconditionally adapts” to his fast lifestyle, but his wife Corinna proved that not even sickness can tear them apart, a vow which she continues to follow since she is making arrangements so that her husband could go home to their estate on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. In order to see her spouse back home, Corinna is spending over $16 million on medical facilities that can offer Schumacher the same treatment he receives from the doctors of Grenoble University Hospital, France. The champion’s accident has affected not only lis life, but also his family’s, since his spouse and children commute on a daily basis from their home in Switzerland to the hospital in France and spend about ten hours with him before they return home in the evening. Thanks to his over $800 million fortune, the champion’s wife can cover care for the upcoming years, and she started by rearranging their mansion in order to help Schumacher return home.

A  friend of the family for 25 years told The Sun that his friend enjoys the best care in the world and “miracles happen,” but he also mentioned that money is not enough to help him recover or to rewind what happened. The source also revealed that Schumacher’s wife is prepared for “a future of permanent immobility,” but he believes that she is also in denial when it comes to her husband’s condition. Although the doctors always told her the truth about the champion’s situation, namely that if he recovers, he will most likely “be in a permanent vegetative state,” she still wants to bring him home. The family’s friend also added that Corinna does not want to lose hope because it would mean that she betrayed her husband. According to this source, believing in miracles is essential for Michael Schumacher’s family, and the fact that he could go home is their primary concern these days.

At the same time, the former chief doctor of the champion, Gary Hartstein prepared fans for “really bad news” and wrote on his blog that time has made it clear that the German seven-time Formula One winner will not recover. However, he added that keeping the champion’s state a secret has helped fans detach from the news. The doctors have been keeping Schumacher in an induced coma since December 29, 2013, but as time passes, the champion’s chances of recovery grow smaller. His family still awaits a miracle, which is why his wife decided to spend over $16 million on medical facilities that could help Michael Schumacher finally go home.

By Gabriela Motroc


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