New Film Calls Kermit Gosnell Biggest Serial Killer in America

gosnellThree filmmakers, who have earned a reputation for creating films and stories on subjects most storytellers would not touch with a ten-foot-pole are sparking controversy with a new film that calls abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, the biggest serial killer in America. The three crusaders taking on this project are Phelim McAleer, Ann McElhinney, and Magda Segida. Due to the subject matter of the film, it is highly unlikely that any major financier would back the project, so the trio has decided to use crowdfunding to raise the money needed to produce the film.

McAleer and his companions have started an Indiegogo campaign and so far have raised over $150,000. A large portion of those who are donating to the project are giving $25 per person, which shows the level of support the film is getting from people who are passionate about exposing the horrors committed by Gosnell. There is little doubt that the majority of individuals who are supportive of the movie are pro-life, hoping that by shedding light on this atrocity, other doctors engaging in these practices will be brought to justice.

One of the most provocative statements the film makes is that Kermit Gosnell is the biggest serial killer in America, which seems strange, as the thought of serial murderers brings to mind Ted Bundy or Jeffery Dahmer, not an abortion doctor. Hollywood has certainly produced enough movies about these individuals and others like them, but the big question on the mind of the public is what exactly makes Gosnell a serial killer? After all, abortions are legal in many states across the country, but murder is not legal anywhere. Are the filmmakers coming from a presupposition that believes the act of abortion is murder?

McAleer says that the reason Gosnell is considered a serial killer is because the former doctor fits a lot of the standard criteria used to identify a person as this type of murderer. McAleer states that Gosnell killed all of his victims the same way and that he kept trophies from the kills, which is typical behavior of someone who is a serial killer. It is reported that there were jars of body parts kept in Gosnell’s kitchen cupboards, and that he seemed to enjoy his handiwork.

The filmmakers are using the grand jury report as the source material for their film, citing examples that will surely send shivers down the spine of anyone with a conscience. The report states that Gosnell was delivering babies in the third trimester of pregnancy and then killing them, which is murder and is illegal. The trio of documentary makers want to make sure this horrific story gets told, so that the public does not forget that this killer went undetected for three decades. They believe it is time to tell this story, and they hope that the American people will support their effort and help them raise the $2.1 million they need to make the film.

Pro-life groups and individuals who are serious about winning the battle against abortion need to do so culturally through giving care to young women who are pregnant, as well as through educational resources. This movie about Gosnell could be an extremely powerful tool to help dissuade women from choosing abortion to terminate a pregnancy and seek out other options like adoption.

While the federal government does not Constitutionally have any purview to either sanction or ban abortion, that did not prevent it from sticking its nose in things with the Roe v. Wade decision, which is what has paved the way for legal abortions in America. There are two ways that those opposed to abortion can do battle against this horror. The first is to get Roe v. Wade overturned, and then campaign in individual states to make abortion illegal. The second is a cultural battle with an end goal of decreasing the demand for abortion. This is a work that should primarily be carried out by churches, individuals, and charities, who have historically provided services to young women who are pregnant. In the past this worked much more effectively than some of the movement’s current efforts. Perhaps a movie exposing Kermit Gosnell as the biggest and most prolific serial killer in America will open up the eyes of the public in ways never dreamed of in the past regarding this controversial issue.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

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