Michele Bachmann Extreme Political Position Reaffirmed


Still claiming to carry the constitutional torch, Representative Michele Bachmann charged this week, reaffirming her extreme political position, that AZ Governor Jan Brewer should not have vetoed the controversial bill SB 1062. By doing so, she is contending that the constitutional rights of those with strongly-held religious beliefs are being slowly stripped away, only to produce a society where morals and religious values are, in fact, devalued.

SB 1062 is a bill that was passed through the Arizona Senate, which would have permitted business owners to refuse service to customers based on their own religious beliefs. Governor Brewer received a significant amount of pushback regarding this bill, even from members of her own party and local businesses. The NFL was considering relocating the 2015 Super Bowl to another city in the wake of the passage of SB 1062, which prompted Representative Bachmann to stand up and shout, “Constitutional rights shouldn’t be traded away no matter if the NFL decides to have an economic boycott or not. There is not a price you can put on constitutional liberties.” The sum effect of these external forces ultimately led Governor Brewer to veto the bill altogether, citing its slippery-slope nature and thinly-veiled condoning for businesses to discriminate against those with different religious beliefs, specifically the LGBT community.

In support of her decision, Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, also claimed that she had “not heard one example in Arizona where a business owner’s religious liberty had been violated.”

Regardless of the logical reasons Governor Brewer gave for her vetoing of this controversial bill, Representative Bachmann’s adherence to what she claims to be constitutional liberties was on full display and her extreme political position was reaffirmed once again when she claimed that “Right now, there’s a terrible intolerance afoot in the United States, and it’s against the people who hold sincerely cherished religious beliefs.” Despite Bachmann’s insistence that she is a big believer in tolerance, she considers vetoing a bill that would have permitted businesses to deny service to LGBT patrons on the grounds of religious beliefs, simply wrong.

Although this most recent effort by the extreme right failed as it was rounding third base, you can count on other states and state representatives to charge forward with similar bills, all in the hopes of hanging on to what they perceive as the good old days, when being less accepting of your fellow citizen on the grounds of religion and lifestyle was still…OK. The silver lining of efforts such as the SB 1062, is that they serve to remind the country that, in fact, the face of our nation is changing, and most would contend for the better. With the Generation X and Millennials, aka Generation Y, slowly ascending the ranks in society, a more liberal, and thus accepting, viewpoint is beginning to dominate conversations that are not only had at dinner tables, but also at state capitals around the country. Representatives such as Michele Bachmann can continue to lament over these unavoidable demographic shifts, but rest assured that their extreme political viewpoints are reaffirmed in becoming a dying breed that will soon take their seat in the back next to segregation and communism.

Editorial by Christine Schlichte


Huffington Post

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