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Michelle Obama promised eager participants of the Let’s Move! campaign that if enough people shared what they did to promote healthy lifestyle habits in their own lives, then she would deliver on a promise to indulge America in a “special treat.” The nation can now watch as President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, bedecked in dress clothes and shoes, make a beeline through the White House for the sake of the cause.

Michelle’s goal is to change recent trends in the health of future generations by advocating a healthy lifestyle through better food choices and physical exercise. She has campaigned for changes to school menus in ways that would implement newer, healthier alternatives to the previous “mystery meat” of standard school cafeteria fare. She has also done much to promote programs for physical health and community programs, such as community gardening.

Michelle has also done much to promote the practical and under-appreciated art of personal gardening. She championed the cause, noting that gardens are not only a healthy means by which to grow fresh fruit and vegetables, but they also generate a new respect for gardening for practical and economic reasons as well. For Michelle, health is among her top priorities and it is a cause for which she and Obama have tirelessly worked.

The goal is to teach new habits in order to influence society for the better. As a nation whose population is nearly drowning in the obesity epidemic, there is need for positive change. Cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are needlessly claiming the lives of U.S. citizens every year. This has been a cause of concern for healthcare and has also been at the forefront of the presidential family’s mind.

In fact, studies have revealed that inactivity, as in no exercise, is a major culprit in deaths every year. Research suggests that more deaths are caused by a lack of exercise than deaths that were caused by smoking. This is not to say that smoking has been deemed a safe activity. On the contrary, smoking claims the lives of thousands of American citizens per year. But as high as those statistics may be, the deaths of those who do not exercise far surpass deaths from smoking.

This is the motivation behind the health campaign as fronted by Michelle Obama. With all the senseless deaths related to lifestyle and nothing more, there must be room to adopt new habits. The Obamas are keeping the conversation going by communicating about health and educating citizens about the good that society can do to reverse some of the unfortunate results of living with so much apathy for far too long.

On Feb. 27, 2014, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden contributed their own video to the Let’s Move! campaign. It was an opportunity to reach out to the American public and further the cause for #LetsMove. As they sprinted through the White House in jest, the point was still made that there is always ample time and space to get up and do something, even the president.

By J.A. Johnson


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