Mick Jagger Snubbed


I can’t get NO……Lego Action! In the high profile world of Rock and Roll, how can someone of Mick Jagger’s infamy possibly get snubbed? Better yet, why would he get snubbed? When it comes to immortalizing popular bands using Lego bricks one would have to ask  Adly Syairi Ramly how he came to choose the Rock Stars he created virtually with Lego. These little bricks put together with a great deal of imagination, inventiveness and a few clever apps, showcase Ramly’s favorites. Unfortunately for some, The Rolling Stones are not included, however the bands that Ramly did put together through his iPhone and  several creative Apple apps are well worth taking a look at.

From the Beatles to the Beastie Boys, these miniatures capture the imagination of young and old alike. Very clever mini-me’s of some of music’s greatest and most popular bands grace the internet and captivate the audience with childlike delight. The debut of these clever images comes at a time when the world is already in love with Lego, and the popular new movie that has just been released. With fan favorites like Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers, the viewer just can’t help but wonder how one of the all time greats like The Rolling Stones didn’t make the cut. Scrolling through the images of these cute miniature music icons will leave some looking for their favorite bands and asking for more. Jagger wasn’t the only one snubbed, many of the iconic bands are missing as well as some of today’s heavy hitters. Wouldn’t Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga be just charming as miniature images made of Lego bricks? Elvis or Michael Jackson would make cute Lego people also, but this  list could go on and on, and as Ramly is the creative mind behind these mini’s, fans can only suggest who should be captured in this whimsical way. So alas, the viewers are left with just one man’s vision and personal choices, but those enchanted with them, will have to admit that they are inventive, amusing and captivating, even without a Lego version of Mick Jagger.

The worlds fascination with Lego structures seems to have no bounds, from the Lego Land parks in California and Florida, to the massive amounts of strange and wonderful things found on the web simply by Googling Lego’s. For decades America’s fascination has been captivated by the life-size and larger, million plus piece structures that people have created in the past. Most people do not have the patience, or even the creativity to make these structures, so it is a pleasure to be able to simply view them. With the release of The Lego movie, it has allowed the world to imagine a more three-dimensional, life-like Lego person.  Although tiny and taking elements from sometimes many different Lego people, Ramly has captured some of Pop’s most popular bands in a way, that is a nearly perfect replica of the original. Still the fans will wonder  how The Smiths, whom many have never heard of, made the cut over The Rolling Stones. Ramly has created several mini rockers but can he get satisfaction by effectively snubbing Mick Jagger in favor of immortalizing N Sync and the Beatles?


Opinion by Kristi Cereska



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  2. ZG   April 2, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    Photo reminds me of the old PG Tips commercials.

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