Microsoft Will Pay You $100 to Upgrade


Microsoft has decided to encourage people to stop using Windows XP by giving them $100 to upgrade to newer Windows operating systems.

Windows XP has been around for around 12 years and that is too long for Microsoft. They will no longer support it. They will no longer be sending out security updates or patches. If a person has Windows XP, they are on their own if they have any security problems or any other software problem.

Users of Windows XP are encouraged to get a $100 credit from Microsoft to help cover the costs of upgrading to newer operating systems. If a person has a new computer or laptop that cost $600 to $2300, they can get the credit offer and the offer ends June 15th.

There is more to this offer than credit. A person will also get 90 days of free technical support from Microsoft.

Another reason that Microsoft is being so generous is that Windows XP has to stop being used by April 8th of this year. After this date, a person’s computer with XP will be completely vulnerable to computer viruses and security weaknesses.

Many computer users and internet cafes will be impacted by this deadline as they still use the XP system. This new Microsoft $100 program will hopefully be offered in Asia as well

Bases on current statistics, 30 percent of all Windows users are Windows XP users. 10 percent of Windows users are Windows 8. Microsoft could make a lot of money if users take the $100 offer.

Microsoft is hoping that people take this offer and upgrade to Windows 8, their latest operating system. Microsoft has had a lot of problems with getting people to use Windows 8. It does not help that a year after creating the new system, they had to create an 8.1 system to solve various problems that they were having with Windows 8.

When Micosoft designed Windows 8, they were trying to satisfy users of tablets and computers. They ended up satisfying neither and have had to come up with a program that would encourage people to upgrade to its newest operating system.

In Asia, Windows 8 has been a complete disaster. When a person buys a new computer or laptop, a person will most likely be getting a computer with a Windows 7 operating system. An Asian internet cafe will most likely have a XP or 7 system. It would be very easy to find an Asian who has never seen or used a Windows 8 operating system.

The only ad campaign that Microsoft did in Asia was by Katie Perry. Katie Perry is very popular in Asia and it was a clever move, picking her to try to sell 8 systems in Asia. It certainly did not work and Microsoft will have to do more to get people in Asia to use 8.

The recent Windows 8 operating system is supposed to have new additions that should tempt people to use it. It has a new task manager and the management of files is supposed to be much easier. A person can design their own start screen. The user can determine what applications and icons that they want to see on the start screen. The 8 also gives a person easier access to Microsoft’s virtual hard drive called the Skydrive. A person can save things on Skydrive and access it from any computer that has an Internet connection. Microsoft’s $100 credit upgrade program is being done to get people to go to Windows 8.

By Tom Clark

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  1. Jennie   March 31, 2014 at 7:59 am

    What should I do?? My Microsoft 8 turned black but it is still on… Should i charge it??

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