Middle East Peace: Obama and Netanyahu Talk in the Oval Office

Middle East PeaceMiddle East Peace talks begin on Monday March, 3, 2014 President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat down in the Oval office at The White House and talked about Middle East Peace. When welcoming Prime Minister, Netanyahu, President Obama talked about the close friendship between Israel and The United States. In his speech about the close bond between the two nations he talked about having an unbreakable bond.

Their topics ranged from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and counterterrorism. Tension rose when talk of Middle East peace came up.

While President Obama wished to keep Prime Minister, Netanyahu’s mind at ease when it came to talks of the United States pursuing a nuclear agreement with Iran it didn’t happen, despite President Obama coaxing Prime Minister Netanyahu toward the idea of peace with his statement that Prime Minister Netanyahu had a tough decision but would make the right one with his country in mind.

President Obama might have approached the issue of Middle East Peace cautiously the same could not have been said for Prime Minister, Netanyahu.

Prime Minister, Netanyahu was a tad assertive in his disapproval of the United States nuclear negotiations with Iran. A country that the Prime Minister openly declared didn’t need to obtain the power to make nuclear weapons.

Middle East Peace was the obvious objective of the meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister  Netanyahu. It became apparent that Prime Minister Netanyahu had a hard time seeing how peace would come with Iran when they openly declared that their objective was to destroy Israel.

It has been twenty years since Israel has been in the process of peace. During these years Israel has tried to acquire peace. Prime Minister Netanyahu discussed in great details the length that Israel has gone to gain peace.

They’ve vacated cities, released terrorize prisoners, and frozen settlement, all in hopes of peace. However hard Israel tries their efforts seemed to have been forgotten, ignored, or disregarded. In one particular situation they’ve left a whole city.

Both the United States President and Israeli Prime Minister want peace. While President Obama thinks of what Middle East Peace could mean for The United States and it’s citizens, Prime Minister, Natanyahu thinks of his own people in regards to peace.

In a statement Prime Minister, Natanyahu said that Palestinians haven’t done their part to negotiate peace. Instead they’ve set fires and suicide bombed places. 

Prime Minister Natnyahu makes it very clear that he would love peace, the kind of peace where there is a mutual respect between countries for one another and its people. The kind of respect that isn’t offered to them by Iran.

While President Obama talks about Middle East Peace, Prime Minister Netanyahu lets him know that while peace is a great idea, at the moment he needs to be strong for his people, because history has taught him that what a nation needs in times of danger is a good defense plan.

Middle East peace might take a lot longer than President Obama first expected it would. He’s determined that he could happen. In his efforts to gain peace between Israel President Obama has offered to become more involved.

By Jordan Walker


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