Miley Cyrus Instagram Snap: Rolling Weed and High as F***

Miley Cyrus Instagram Snap Rolling Weed and High as F***
While Miley Cyrus posted her own Instagram snap of the new “kitty” tattoo on her inner lip, there is another picture of her rolling weed and “high as f***. The second Instagram post is courtesy of another type of lip. Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne uploaded the picture of the 21 year-old singer on Friday.

The picture shows a smiling Cyrus putting what looks suspiciously like marijuana into a cigarette paper from a pack of “Miley Cyrus” BANGERZ rolling papers. The former Hannah Montana looks as though she accessorized for the snap by wearing her own flaming lips gloss and matching fingernail polish.

Coyne posted the Instagram photo via his account “waynewontpostpicsofnakedwomen” in honor of, persumably, his band’s collaboration with the Wrecking Ball singer. The two performed together on Miley’s Bangerz tour and now they’re doing some covers of old Beatles classics.

The caption for the weed rolling snap had the frontman claiming that, yes, he was recording with Miley and that someone was “high as F***” Looking at the picture, it could be either of them although Cyrus does seem very happy. Another Instagram photo has Miley doing a “Millie Brown” and ejecting diamonds from her open mouth. All that’s missing is Lady Gaga positioned to receive the glittering stream. This second posting was on Sunday.

According to Coyne, there is at least one more artist involved with this musical venture. The caption for the diamond spewing shot reveals that they will have Andrew VanWyngarden from MGMT on their Beatles collaboration as well.

Wayne is obviously excited about this musical event and he finishes the initial diamond pic with the hashtag #lovemoneyparty. Some people, however, don’t seem too keen on the picture of Miley vomiting up diamonds. A second posting of the picture has a caption stating that folks are complaining about the snap.

Curious people who track down Wayne Coyne’s Instagram postings, which can be seen via Tumblr, can only see the diamonds picture on the blogging site. It seems the previous snap of Miley Cyrus making a “rollie” has disappeared. However, the original picture can still be seen on Coyne’s new Instagram account.

Miley Cyrus Instagram Snap Rolling Weed and High as F***
Cyrus rolling some pretty suspicious looking stuff in that paper…

Cyrus continues to court controversy with her outlandish stunts on and off stage. Unlike another young artist who stays in constant trouble with the law, can you say Justin Bieber, Miley has not had any trouble with the police. This may be why she felt comfortable in giving Bieber advice on how to keep out of “harm’s way.”

The former Disney princess from television may have many people who disagree with her choice of image portrayal but, her behaviour is not illegal. Yet. Certainly the rolling of weed in a picture is not absolute proof of possession since it should be pointed out that the stuff looks suspicious but is not actual proof of breaking any drug laws. Yes, Cyrus consistently breaks the boundaries of good taste and she may well be “high as F***,” in the picture. Although, it should be pointed out that she could be high because of the musical project and not the dubious stuff she’s putting in the rolling paper.

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