Miley Cyrus Leaves Costume Behind in Milwaukee

Miley Cyrus Leaves Costume Behind in Milwaukee

Apparently, Miley Cyrus was caught leaving her costume behind in Milwaukee on March 9 when she missed a very quick costume change. The fan pleasing singer decided to perform the number in her underwear and it seems that no one in the audience noticed. To be fair, most of the 21 year-old’s on stage outfits are about the same dimensions as most women’s underwear so it is not too surprising that it was not readily apparent to her Wisconsin fans.

On the Sunday night concert, Cyrus missed the costume change required to perform her next number. She fessed up about the fact that she wore her bra and panties on stage to perform the song. The main reason that her fans most probably did not notice? Well, the costume was a pair of chaps, or leggings, that she straps on over her bra and panties.

Miley Cyrus Leaves Costume Behind in Milwaukee
Miley sans chaps…

Not much of a costume to be sure. However, to be really honest it is a little hard to get excited about the young Bangerz performer showing up and performing in her underwear, even pretty striped matching undies. Miley has no problem showing portions of her anatomy that should be covered in polite company. Other performers in her age group do not share her proclivity for appearing almost naked in either photo shoots or on stage.

Miley Cyrus Leaves Costume Behind in Milwaukee
Miley with chaps…

Because Miley has been nude in one music video, appeared in another with a see-through bra that showed off her erect nipples whilst seemingly masturbating in front of the camera, is it any wonder that no-one really noticed when she left her costume behind in Milwaukee? Her peers in the female side of the music industry would have made major headlines if they missed a costume change.

Cyrus buddy Selena Gomez wears quite a bit more on stage. The on-again-off-again girlfriend of Justin Bieber may wear short skirts, but she draws the line at showing too much off. Taylor Swift publicly dissed Cyrus for her tendency to show off so much flesh in an magazine interview last month. The 24 year-old country/pop singer revealed that she had no urge to appear either nude or semi-nude and could not understand some performer’s need to do so. Of course both Gomez and Swift are BFFs so it makes sense that they would have similar ideas on staying “covered up.”

Of course Swift is that little bit older so perhaps the idea of performing semi-clad or in her underwear does not pack the thrill that it does for Miley. The Wrecking Ball singer with her fixation on shocking all and sundry may be 21 but in terms of showing off her, admittedly, toned bod it smacks of the little tykes who like to run naked from their mommy who wants to put them in the bath.

In typical fashion, the singer made sure that she tweeted the fact of her underwear performance. Apparently she realized that her fans may not have clocked that she was not wearing the “full” costume for that particular number. It never hurts, as Miley well knows, to do a little self publicizing.

In her race to kill of any remnants of the Hannah Montana tag she was lumbered with from Disney, Cyrus has gone to great lengths to make sure that her old fans do not want to hang on to her childish start in show business. These old Disney fans would have noticed immediately if Miley had left her costume behind in Milwaukee. Mainly, if what Cyrus says is true, because their little girl idol had boobs.

By Michael Smith


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