Miley Cyrus Linked to a Lawsuit

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus being linked to a lawsuit is something that many people have expected to hear for a while now. However, it is not quite against the 21-year-old singer and former Disney star. It is actually against the equipment supply company ShowFx Inc. after the support equipment failed to do its job and meant that there was a serious fall.

Charles Nicholas Sarris was putting up the large tongue slide that has been used in Cyrus’ current performances. The singer slides down the tongue, which is propped up against a large version of her head, as part of her entrance into the show. However, Sarris claims that the company failed to give him an appropriate warning about all the dangers that were involved with using the equipment and tools provided. The amount in damages has been unspecified at the moment.

It seems like something everyone expected to hear. Some have waited anxiously for the moment that the former Hannah Montana star did something that she regretted. However, she has always made it clear that while she has had fun, she has never actually broken the law. Considering where she now lives, the little bit of marijuana is not a legal offense, so she has not been prosecuted for it.

In fact, she recently took to offering Justin Bieber advice, which simply involved telling him to stop getting caught. It was a hint that she was saying she does do illegal stuff, but nowhere that people would see her do it. There were subtle hints that this is why Cyrus has never been linked to a lawsuit.

Despite never being caught, it does appear that the star does not like following rules. She even gets annoyed when rules are imposed on her fans.

At a recent concert, the singer was visibly angry at the fact that a fan had been prevented by concert staff from taking a photo of her on stage. She stopped singing mid-song—proving that she is not lip synching—and berated the staff for not letting the fan take a photo. The star mentioned that fans had paid $1,000 dollars and that it was unfair not to let them take photos. Her rant involved a lot of swearing, which is expected of the 21-year-old now.

After the rant, the former Disney star arranged for the fan to come up on stage, and convinced her to help fasten her dress. She was seen walking towards the edge of the stage, and then stopped and said that she knew she was not supposed to go off the stage. It appears that a member of the event staff was whispering in her ear-piece as they tried to work out what she was up to now. After getting up on stage, the fan was escorted behind scenes.

The singer is currently working hard on her Bangerz tour, and has recently managed to avoid too much controversial publicity. There are many wondering when her first official lawsuit will be, but this is the first time Cyrus has somehow been linked to one on the negative side of things.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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