Miley Cyrus’ Obsessive Fan Arrested for Sneaking Backstage

Miley Cyrus fan arrested

An obsessive Miley Cyrus fan was arrested for sneaking backstage and into the singer’s dressing room on March 5, the day before her Omaha, Nebraska concert at the CenturyLink Center. Omaha police reported that the infatuated 18-year-old Tucker Salvesen left a note begging for her to meet him and then posted a message on Twitter to Cyrus telling her to look for the letter.

Law enforcement stated that Salvesen’s note vowed his love to Cyrus and that her music mended his broken heart. The twitter rant was sent to Cyrus, with Salvesen admitting that he snuck into her dressing room, encouraging her to read his memo. He also left his phone number and his Twitter name, and even attached a photo of the star’s changing room. The ‘love struck’ fan had attempted to contact the singer’s keyboardist, Mike Schmid beforehand, by tweeting to him and asking Schmid to help him get backstage. “Save me a trip to jail…?” he wrote.

Salvesen was arrested the day of the Miley Cyrus’ Omaha show and cited for suspicion of criminal trespassing. Video from security cameras in the building showed him in places he was not supposed to have access to. The obsessive fan told the police that he had received a VIP pass from a truck driver of Cyrus’ Bangerz tour and mistakenly thought it gave him access to that area of the venue. Interestingly enough, the Utah native walked by several people after sneaking backstage; none of whom questioned his access.

The fan subsequently missed Cyrus’ show due to his arrest and again, Tweeted to the singer about his misgivings.

This is not the only incident that occurred a few days within Miley Cyrus’ Omaha show. A man was fatally shot and another person was seriously injured on Friday at a party that was thrown after the singer’s concert. Brandon Samuels was in extremely critical condition and was taken to the Creighton University Medical Center where he later passed away. The other victim, who was assaulted at the social gathering, arrived at the hospital in serious condition.

In addition, Charles Sarris, one of the workers who built Cyrus’ tongue slide for her stage setup during the Bangerz tour, has sued ShowFX, Inc., the company who hired him to construct the prop. The inflatable slide hangs out of an enormous image of the singer’s face. Sarris has claimed that he was injured while building the slide because of the failure of the equipment and tools he was provided.

To make matters worse, there was even the incident with the Bangerz tour opener, Sky Ferreira. The musician was injured after falling during her first song when she performed in Anaheim, California. Ferreira cut open her leg, which required 60 stitches.

It seems that fans, crew members, and musicians alike have had nothing but a run of bad luck during Cyrus’ Bangerz tour. What is the cause of all of this controversy? There is no easy answer.

Some people can speculate and say that Cyrus’ unruly behavior encourages her admirers to follow suit. Others assert that the incidents have nothing to do with the singer’s conduct and that it is just circumstantial.

Regardless of why these episodes keep occurring is not important. The fact of the matter is that people need to be accountable for their own behavior and take responsibility for their actions. And the obsessive fan that was arrested needs to stop sneaking backstage to try to meet Miley Cyrus, and realize that his idol is not going to respond to his letter.

By Amy Nelson



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