Nigeria: 16 Dead by Trampling of Desperate Crowd


The staggering unemployment rate in Nigeria hit a disastrous and deadly low today when the country’s Interior Minister Abba Moro invited literally hundreds upon thousands of desperate-for-work Nigerians to a job fair possessing only 5,000 positions to award. In the midst of trying to secure a coveted job in a struggling market where 41 million of the 170 million Nigerians have no work at all, the crowds became increasingly unruly and began violently stampeding over one another in their last-ditch efforts to be seen.

While the 16 documented deaths did not all occur in one place, the feeling of pandemonium was palpable across all of Nigeria. Minister Moro coldly blames the tragedy on mere “impatience,” while the outraged Education Rights Campaign of Nigeria pointed the finger of blame directly at him, calling out that the centers chosen for these job fairs were deliberately filled beyond capacity and had far too little security presence.

To add insult to devastating injury, the Nigerian government collected money from all these applicants, 16 of which have needlessly died today under the trampling of an understandably desperate crowd. The Education Rights Campaign has demanded both a refund for all participants and the resignation of Minister Moro.

By Brandon Duringer



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