Movie Theaters Could Become an Endangered Species

Movie Theaters

Going to the movie theaters has always been a favorite pastime for those who enjoy watching a good movie on the big screen. Over the past several months, or years even, American moviegoers may have had to undergo the unfortunate task of cutting their expenditures for expenses incurred at movie theaters due to a few unavoidable economic situations within the country. As painful as this task may have been for some, it also gave way to creating an alternate course of action that allows the privilege of still being able to watch a movie, but at a lower cost. Many have substituted a trip to the movie theaters for a trip to the retail store to check out which is the best electronic gadget to buy in order to watch the latest movie releases. Quite a number of diehard movie fans have enrolled in monthly subscriptions to one of the most popular on-demand entertainment provider, Netflix, as another form of substitution for a visit to the movie theater.

In December 2013, an online poll was conducted to get a better understanding of just how many Americans would prefer going to movie theaters as opposed to using other resources in order to watch a movie. Surprisingly, more than half of the participants chose to view movies from the comfort of their own home by means of other resources, while a very small number of participants would rather go to movie theaters to watch a movie or had no preference. Interestingly enough, when the participants were asked to give reasons for the answer chosen, some very provocative points came up. Several of the participants complained of lewd, rude, and inconsiderate moviegoers who would do things such as telling the ending of a movie out loud, holding excessively loud personal conversations during the movie, making lewd and defaming remarks about the characters or the actors/actresses, kicking the back of the seats, overpriced food items being sold at the concession stands, and the rattling sound of candy wrappers and other various food items. However, the most answered reason given by the participants for not wanting to return to the movie theaters was the price of the tickets for which those particular participants believed to be overpriced.

Considering all the new portable gadgets that are continuously being put out on the market are now especially made for watching a movie anywhere and at any time, could the movie theaters across the United States eventually wind up on the endangered species list for businesses? Portable electronic gadgets are constantly being updated with the latest of technological advances before being sold to stores in order to accommodate those consumers who are shopping for a device that will allow them to upload a movie. Still, there are those diehard movie fans who faithfully visit movie theaters because of the 3-D technology and the digitally mastered sound that a majority of movies are being made with today that just cannot be subsituted elsewhere. Now, if there was only a way to get rid of the annoyances, chances are the movie theaters will be able to survive.

Opinion by Stephanie Tapley

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