NASA Says World Is Doomed Unless Wealth Redistributed

Experts at NASA say the world is doomed, or at least Western civilization, unless resources are conserved and wealth is redistributed. A recent study conducted by the big brains at the government-run space exploration organization states that there are two indicators that identify when a society is on the verge of collapse. These indicators have been at the root of every major societal downfall throughout history and, to be fair, they are pretty much spot on.

One indicator is the mismanagement of resources, and the other is economic inequality. The two go hand-in-hand. As the elites, or in today’s political climate, the “1 percent,” consume an overabundance of resources, there are very few left for the common folk, resulting in a famine. This cycle continues on and on until things completely fall apart.

NASA says it came to the conclusion the world was doomed, with the only solution being wealth redistribution, through a mathematical formula. Scientists used information like birth rates, resources and income classes as part of the equation that produced their outcome. The problem here is not that NASA is wrong. When there is an imbalance of power and resources in the hands of one group of people at the expense of another, the system is unsustainable. It is only a matter of time before it collapses. No, the problem is what NASA is hinting at as a solution.

If one carefully reads between the lines, it becomes clear that what NASA is suggesting is that the government needs to step in and create more regulations to manage resources and that they need to take money from the “haves” and give it to the “have nots.” They are advocating socialism. A government organization bringing attention to a problem, and then suggesting more power be allocated to the government to fix the issue. Sounds familiar, right? Never let a crisis go to waste, as the progressives say.

It seems just a tad convenient for NASA to call for more power to be given to the government, especially when its existence and funding come from that same government. This sounds like a bit of “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” The question to ask here is what NASA stands to gain for subtly lobbying for government expansion and wealth redistribution. It could be nothing more than the conclusion of a few scientists conducting a study. It could also be an attempt by the government to find new and creative ways to justify sticking its hands in everyone’s pockets to get a few extra dimes.

With that being said, the study does make two valid points. America’s natural resources are being mismanaged, and there is a lot of income inequality. However, these two issues are not the result of rich people oppressing the poor, but of government interference in the free market. When government gets involved in regulating markets, it ends up getting in bed with big corporations. This unsavory and adulterous relationship often results in closed entry into different industries in the marketplace. In other words, more government regulation makes it difficult for people to start businesses in certain industries, since the government has much to gain by helping big corporations prevent competition. This keeps the power and money in the hands of the elite.

Creating complete and perfect income equality is a pie-in-the-sky fantasy. As long as there are imperfect people in the world, there will always be inequality. It is a sad fact of life. Rather than allow the government to stick its nose in the marketplace creating rules and regulations to try to make things fair, why not strive for equality of opportunity? The problem with the current economy is that due to the tremendous volume of government regulations, some groups have more opportunities available to them than others. The playing field is far from level, and it is the government that is causing all of the barriers. Deregulation means that it would be easier for everyday folk to start businesses, as more industries would have an open entry that allows competition. Prices go down, the quality of products goes up. Resources are managed more effectively. Society does not implode, and everybody wins.

While NASA may be convinced the government holds all of the solutions to resource management, history says otherwise. Take government-owned forest land, for example. Government intrusion into the logging industry has led to massive overlogging, which has depleted the available supply of trees by causing timber companies to cut them down too quickly. The government charged these companies artificially low prices for logging in the area. If the land were privately owned, and the market determined the price, it would be much higher, which would slow down timber companies, enabling the supply of trees to be replenished. When left alone, the market can do amazing things.

The world is in danger. This much is true. Everyday, natural resources are being abused and consumed at alarming rates, while normal citizens suffer from lack. The government is feeding on these resources and keeping as much for itself as possible. If NASA says the world is doomed unless wealth is redistributed by the government, it may be too late to stop the destruction.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

National Journal
National Post
Library of Economics and Liberty

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