NCAA 2014 Guardian Liberty Voice March Madness Challenge Elite Eight



The cream of the crop has risen to the top as the NCAA Tournament has dwindled down to just eight teams left.  Cinderella is still at the ball, but she better stay away from the swamp or she may get eaten by a gator.  There are still seven of our staff writers alive to win our bracket competition.  Five will fall if MSU can not bring their A game on Sunday, and the other two have to hope Florida can knock out the Cinderella Flyers.  Check back for updates after each round, and follow your picks on twitter! (#MarchmadnessGLVChallenge)

Niles Olson – Staff Basketball Writer  @NilesOlson    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessThe eight Sweet 16 matchups tested my previously formidable NCAA title bracket. 12 of 16 correct picks entering the Sweet 16 and an opportunity of advancing six teams to the Elite Eight had me feeling like a Bracketology expert. My palpitated expectations were classically followed by a tournament reality check when only four of my eight picks prevailed to the Elite Eight.
Dayton continues punishing me for selecting Ohio St. over them, Kentucky’s fab freshman united to complete a season high 13-point comeback over defending champions Louisville, and UConn’s bulls eye shooting percentage proved too much for an injured Iowa St. team.
Three of my Final Four teams remain in contention and expect Kentucky to lock up the fourth spot. All former Bracketolgy experts are recommended to hedge bets with these Final Four locks.

Mick Varner – Staff Basketball Writer  @mickvarner    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessSlowly but surely my Final Four is dwindling away as Kentucky destroyed one region all by themselves. Michigan State and Florida have kept me alive for the moment so I still have a cheering interest here but my guess is a lot of people have those schools still alive in their brackets. Michigan is still alive well although this is where I need them to lose I never thought I would be cheering for Kentucky but Go Blue! (Not Michigan Blue!)


Jonathan Gardner – Junior Sports Editor @homeiceadvtge    Bracket

NCAA 2014 Guardian Liberty Voice March Madness Challenge

The Elite Eight is on, and with all the talk about Cinderella, I can only assume the Elite Eight refers to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Therefore, I’m going with Grumpy, Sneezy, Doc, and Dopey to make it to the Final Four. It was a tough decision, but I don’t think Happy and Bashful have the will to win and Sleepy won’t put forth the effort.



Glen Parris – Staff Basketball Writer  @DoctorGlenbo    Bracket   

NCAA March Madness

This tournament has been full of excitement and close games. Thankfully my bracket is still going strong. I picked Louisville to beat Kentucky in my bracket, so I got that wrong. Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Dayton also snuck in under my nose. But I rightfully chose Florida, Arizona, Michigan State, Michigan to make it to the Elite Eight; not too shabby.


Robert Pannier – Senior Baseball Writer and Basketball Analyst @RobertPannier    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

Another final four team bites the dust for me, as Louisville was beaten by Kentucky. This leaves me with just four of the Elite Eight teams, two out of the West (Wisconsin and Arizona), joining Florida and Michigan State. My prediction of Michigan State going all the way is still looking solid, but Louisville crushed me, since they were a finalist in my bracket.


Jeremy Mika – Staff Basketball Writer @jeremy_mika    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

Connecticut? Kentucky? These traditional powers were not supposed to be dancing this late in the tournament. Then, of course, there is Dayton. Thankfully I am not the only one who’s bracket was busted by the Flyers. Needless to say none of these higher seeds made my Elite Eight. What I originally thought was my achilles heel…homerism for the Big-10 has actually become my greatest asset. With Wisconsin, Michigan and Michigan State all advancing this week, the Big-10 is my only hope left in the bracket. If Michigan State and Wisconsin can hold off UConn and Arizona, then I will at least have correctly predicted half of the Final Four. Only time will tell.


Schelett Rickenbacker- Staff Basketball Writer  @SDotPress14    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

It’s official University of Kentucky has punched there ticket to the Elite Eight. They took out Wichita State and Louisville to get there. In the grand scheme of things they were not expected to make it past third round. However, this young team went on to shock the world with each nail biting win. There starters stepped out in the past two games and put up some impressive numbers. The teams collective effort sealed there fate. Now the sports world awaits the outcome of UK’s upcoming game Sunday, March 30, 2014 against Michigan.


Chuck Podhaisky – Senior Golf Writer and Basketball Analyst  @Chuck_pod    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

As they say in the poker rooms here in Las Vegas, “I fold.”

My one chance at redemption faded away on Friday as my choice for the 2014 NCAA Championship, the Virginia Cavaliers, went down in defeat to Michigan State.

The poor job I did this year is perhaps good news for the gentleman from Wisconsin who voiced his displeasure at my picking Arizona to beat Wisconsin by 14 points in their Elite 8 game on Saturday.  Rock on, Bucky!  If the Badgers upset the Wildcats, there is a possibility of having 3 Big Ten teams in the Final Four this year.

Brian Moore- Staff Basketball Writer  @hey_brian    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

I know now what Dr. Frankenstein feels. I began as a wide eyed, naive genius looking to experiment in the creation of brackets. But as I look back on what I have made… I know I should not have unleashed such a monstrosity on this world. The consequences have been dire.

So to answer your question…No, my bracket is not doing well. Not well at all.


Jim Malone – Senior Sports Editor  @GLVGeeks    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

Still Clinging to that Spartan Green.  Can you hear it?  MSU, MSU, MSU!



Chris Chisam – Assistant Sports Editor  @ChisamGLV    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessAnd what of me do you ask?  I do not have a single Final Four team left in the NCAA Tournament.  My bracket is offcially busted.  Thanks Florida, for making it official.




It is safe to say that some of our writer  sure do know their NCAA Men’s basketball.  Some of us, unfortunately, do not.  The title of champion still hangs in the balance, and this weekend will decide if someone will be crowned, or if we all taste the bitterness of defeat.

Commentary by Chris chisam