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Well the time for the real men to step up is now.  NCAA brackets are crumbling, Cinderella’s are winning, and dreams are coming true!  Check out what we think and how we are doing, and follow your pick on twitter! (#MarchmadnessGLVChallenge)

Niles Olson – Staff Basketball Writer  @NilesOlson    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessOur coverage of the NCAA Tournament from China continues as Niles travels the world in search of basketball fanatics!  Perhaps he should do a bit more research, as his bracket took a few more hits on Friday than he would have liked.  Enjoy the food, Niles.



Mick Varner – Staff Basketball Writer  @mickvarner    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessMercer? Warren Buffet may want to send a small donation the way of the Bears after Friday’s improbable victory over Duke wiped out millions of entries . The key here for any bracket is not to eliminate yourself after the first round. Somehow I managed that and still have a chance. If you were one that had Duke going to The Final Four then you would be in trouble now. Thankfully I did not. Things really begin to take shape today and by Sunday night we will all have a better idea of who can win this thing.


Jonathan Gardner – Junior Sports Editor @homeiceadvtge    Bracket

NCAA 2014 Guardian Liberty Voice March Madness ChallengeMr. Gardner is currently out celebrating his birthday.  I hope he does not look at his bracket, or yesterday’s results might damper his mood.



Glen Parris – Staff Basketball Writer  @DoctorGlenbo    Bracket   

NCAA March MadnessAfter feeling pretty good after the first day, Friday ended that euphoria quickly. There were quite a few upsets and disappointments that made a big dent on my bracket. Teams that let me down and lost include Duke, Oklahoma State, UMASS, New Mexico, and VCU. Teams that kept some hope alive and made me proud by winning big include Baylor, Iowa, North Carolina, and many others. The good news is that I still have all my Final Four teams going strong. Oh yeah!


Robert Pannier – Senior Baseball Writer and Basketball Analyst @RobertPannier    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

After the second day, I find myself at 25-7, 13-3 from yesterday. Clearly, virtually everyone got hurt by the Duke loss. That hurt me especially hard, because I had Duke in the Elite 8. As I mentioned yesterday, 7-10 and 8-9 games are usually trouble spots for me, but I came up big yesterday, going 4-0 in those games. The West has been very good to me, where I am 8-0, 7-1 in the East, and 5-3 in the other two brackets. For the guy covering the MidWest, I am a little disappointed in that 5-3 record.


Jeremy Mika – Staff Basketball Writer @jeremy_mika    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessWell, I fared better on the second day of Round Two than I did on the first. I went 12-4 on Friday, but Stephen F. Austin getting by VCU in overtime is going to have far reaching effects on my bracket. Blinded by “Havoc,” I had the Rams returning to the Final Four. When your team’s bread and butter is press defense, how did you give up a five-point lead in 30 seconds? Come on! Of course, I also fell on my face with the Mercer upset as well as the Tennessee victory over UMass. I also made the mistake of picking George Washington over Memphis. That darn Atlantic 10 is trying to make me look bad this year I guess. All in all, there is some red ink heading into the third round, but we’re pressing on!

Schelett Rickenbacker- Staff Basketball Writer  @SDotPress14    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessAt the opening tip it was becoming clear that Eastern Kentucky came for the upset against Kansas. They completely controlled the pace of the game with speed and accuracy. Eastern Kentucky forced Kansas to turn the ball over 7 times before they got there 2nd turnover. The half court ball the Colonels were playing had proven to be more then Kansas could handle. Glen Cosey came out and dominated from the three-point line, and he had a combined 5 for 7 shooting. However, there was a huge game turn around mid 1st quarter. All of a sudden Kansas woke up and decided they were ready to win. Most people including me were expecting this to be on the back of Andrew Wiggins. Nevertheless, that was not the case. It was the efforts of Jamari Traylor off the bench that sparked such a surge in the Kansas offense. He put up 17 points off the bench and 14 rebounds. This guy did a little bit of everything from shooting, dunking, passing, put backs, and blocks. He was a one man wrecking crew. Sure Wiggins had a team high of 19 points, but his game was more reserved today. He put down had two monster dunks to make his presence felt. Overall, it was still the Traylor show all 2nd quarter as soon as he got in. They got a hard fought win walking away with 80 – 69 leaving Eastern Kentucky stunned.

Chuck Podhaisky – Senior Golf Writer and Basketball Analyst  @Chuck_pod    Bracket

NCAA March Madness

When you pick 32 games and hit only 18 of them, the first thing you look for is a ray of light.  You look for something that will make you keep interest in the rest of the tournament.  For me, that bit of sunshine is that all of my Final Four teams are still alive, 7 of my Elite Eight are still playing and 12 of my Sweet Sixteen.

I am on a bit of a roll, hitting on Iowa State, Kentucky, Stephen F. Austin and UCLA in the late Friday games.  It’s the little victories that stop the bleeding.  My biggest disappointment is in the bottom half of the Midwest Region where I whiffed on Duke, Arizona State and UMass.  The real tragedy is my choice of UMass to be in the Elite Eight.  There is a long way to go, and I am sure many more pleasant surprises.

Brian Moore- Staff Basketball Writer  @hey_brian    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessThere goes one of my Final Four teams! I was thrilled to see an underdog win, but not so happy about my bracket crashing so hard. My big Cinderella school, Coastal Carolina, looked up to task for the first half, and the last ten minutes of the game, but not so much in between. I managed to call a few upsets, like Stephen F. Austin and Harvard, but overall a pretty rough round. Future updates may be compromised, as I attempted to crumple and eat the paper my bracket is printed on.


Jim Malone – Senior Sports Editor  @GLVGeeks    Bracket

NCAA March MadnessDisaster has struck. The round of 32 is decimated by a little bit of overconfidence. Watching out for the potential match-up against Kansas, and being optimistic about the chances New Mexico might have had in light of the injuries, Stanford was forgotten and overlooked. Now they have the last laugh. VCU seemed like such a slam-dunk, that the thought of a third 5-12 upset seemed beyond consideration. Consider it considered. With seven of the projected Elite Eight still in the picture, and everyone from there forward, the bracket is still the one to beat. Missed points in the round of 32 will be made up quickly as the cream rises to the top. The Goliaths will continue to dominate the Davids, and Michigan State will take it all.

Chris Chisam – Assistant Sports Editor  @ChisamGLV    Bracket

NCAA March Madness




Stick a Fork in me, I am done!



Keep up with us as we keep following the NCAA Tournament.    Enjoy bios,  previews and recaps galore.  See if our Cinderella’s are holding up, and check back after every tournament day for updates!

Commentary by Mick Varner