Netanyahu Promises Defense of Israel


At Sunday’s weekly cabinet meeting in Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu applauded his security forces for their raid in Jenin the previous day that led to the assassination of Hamza Abu Aleija, a Hamas member. Known to be a terrorist who organized the murder of innocent people, the Prime Minister is using his death as a promise to the world that Israel is fully capable of defending itself.

The security forces who entered the West Bank city to arrest Aleija were caught in a gunfight in which two other Palestinians were killed. According to the Israeli army, he was planning on carrying out another campaign of attacks on civilians with instructions to do so by Hamas from the Gaza Strip.

This new accomplishment adds to the IDF’s discovery of a tunnel from Israel to Gaza, which Hamas used as a way of staging attacks within their territory, as well as sending information to terrorists inside Israeli borders. The result of this infraction to agreements made in 2012 in Operation Pillar of Defense is a violation of Jewish sovereignty, and security forces have said that the tunnel is the largest ever discovered.

On Wednesday, Israel and Syria shared accusations of political animosity towards each other after an outbreak of violence on the border. Syrian military targets were annihilated by Israeli warplanes shortly after four soldiers were injured by an explosion in the Golan Heights. Netanyahu extended his promise concerning the defense of his country into full retaliation to those who understand the ancient “eye for an eye” concept of Middle Eastern law.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon went so far as to say that they were holding President Assad of Syria personally responsible for what transpires in his territory, and hinted that cooperation with Hezbollah upon their soil would cost a heavy price.

Syria acknowledged the airstrike from Israeli warplanes, admitting to the death of one soldier and seven others being injured, but they also leveled the accusation that Israel was in violation of the 1974 cease-fire agreement. Their unusual behavior is believed to be a matter of self-protection, as President Assad’s control over his land during Syria’s internal war is far from absolute and the last thing he wants is problems with Israel.

The Lebanon-based Shiite Muslim terrorist organization Hezbollah has promised their own retaliation for airstrikes a month ago on targets in the Bekaa Valley and what was reportedly a weapons convoy.

Criticism from Isreal has also placed their scrutiny upon Iran and the threat of it becoming armed with nuclear weapons in the near future. With the Iranian government openly calling for the destruction of the entire Jewish population, as well as its creation of long-range missiles and recent discussion politically about the lack of American support, at least from President Obama, Israel is being forced to unilaterally contemplate an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the way they did in 1981 with Iraq.

Tehran’s atomic program has continued, achieving a geopolitical nullification of the United Nations by the axis powers of China and Russia. The new trinity of evil empires has no concern for the rest of the civilized world, and Israel has attempted to wake humanity up by declaring that Netanyahu has allocated over $2 billion dollars for the groundwork of a strike upon Iran by the end of this year. Defense officials are signaling that all options remain on the table and that Iran is easily within the range of their military.

Considering the airstrike option, Israel has said that the world was in a comfortable coma and it just woke up. Appeasement is no longer going to be the game, but while Netanyahu asserts that they are not trying to be the neighborhood bully, as Prime Minister he promises to defend Israel in whatever way necessary.

By Elijah Stephens

The Jerusalem Post
The LA Times
Fox News

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