Nicki Minaj Nude Shower Selfies on Instagram

minajSinger Nicki Minaj, with her larger-than-life “pink” persona, posted nude shower selfies on Instagram March 5, a mere day after actress Jennette McCurdy’s evidently private semi-nude selfies were leaked. The surprise is not that Minaj posted such selfies but that she posted them wearing not a stitch of makeup and her hair wet from having been recently washed. She has received many compliments on her natural beauty.

Minaj is no stranger to over-the-top antics. While she did not give any reason for the shower selfies and appeared to want to share some skin with her fans, some seemed surprised by this latest move of hers and wondered why she was sharing these selfies when such a selfie would more than likely show her completely made up, wearing some sort of outrageous get-up. The images of her striking several poses seemingly fresh out of the shower showed her to be in a cheerful mood, and apparently doing a hair treatment. In one of the last photos, she is wearing a colorful smock and treating her hair.

While Minaj did not actually show anything (she covered her breasts with her arms), these latest nude shower selfie sharing by the 31-year-old singer on Instagram is probably the tamest compared with her previous selfies. In the past, she has posed topless with leopard pasties over her breasts and making a silly face, while another selfie showed her in bondage wear with black pasties on her breasts. In comparing the shower selfies with these previous ones, the difference in her appearance is striking and causes one to consider, Why does Nicki Minaj cover up her natural beauty with different-colored wigs and makeup? Seeing the stark contrast between her natural self and her onstage persona, one can hardly tell it is the same person. Minaj au naturel is so much prettier than Minaj as the pink lady in ridiculous and unattractive outfits.

While the elaborate makeup and wigs are all a part of Minaj’s persona, lately it appears she has become interested in toning down her appearance. In an interview with Glamour last year, she said she felt sexier using more subtle makeup tones, and actually enjoys using nude lipstick. In more recent photos, she does appear more comfortable with herself. She expressed regret over many of her fashion choices, jokingly saying they are many: “How much time do you have? Haha! We’d be here all night.”

While Minaj appears to be happy in the nude shower selfies she posted on Instagram, she is dealing with some strife in her life. She has a new hairstylist, Oscar James, who was referred by former model Tyra Banks. He seems he should be credited for the singer’s toned down appearance. Minaj’s former hairstylist and wig maker, Terrence Davidson, is suing her for $30 million for bilking him out of millions of dollars and taking the credit for his wig creations. The legal case is ongoing.

It would be interesting to see Minaj go even more natural, and show her real hair instead of wearing wigs. Most of her fans likely have not seen the singer with her natural hair and wearing non-colored contacts. At least, not as Nicki Minaj the singer.

Opinion by Juana Poareo


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