Nikki Reed Splits With Husband: Are Twilight Stars Relationships Doomed?

Nikki Reed

 Another Hollywood divorce is on the way. This time it involves Twilight starlet Nikki Reed and husband/ former American Idol contestant Paul McDonald. The latest separation may leave young fans wondering if Twilight stars’ relationships are doomed. It appears that most stars from the Twilight saga have suffered fail relationships. Whether the movie has anything to do with the matter or it is a pure coincidence is up for speculation. Reed’s fellow stars including Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart all had failed relationships.

Nikki Reed met Paul McDonald during an American Idol event when he was still competing in the show. They met in March 2011, dated for a short while, then got married in October of that year. Reed and McDonald bonded over their love of music, which is why they collaborated for a few songs. The couple officially announced their six month separation on Saturday and noted plans to divorce.

Reed’s co-star Peter Facinelli, who played her adopted father in the Twilight saga, also shocked fans when he divorced his wife of 12 years back in 2o13. He married actress Jennie Garth in 2001, the couple had three children together. Before his divorce was finalized, he apparently already moved on with a younger actress, Jaime Alexander, who was his co-star in indie film Loosies.

Lesser known but equally interesting Twilight star doomed relationships (but not as surprising as Nikki Reed’s split with husband) include Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene. Lutz dated Anna Lynne McCord in the early 2010s. The couple did not last as long as other couples and never got engaged, but the twosome had their fair share of drama. Lutz and McCord initially denied their relationship to the press in the first year. The couple’s short relationship was punctuated by several breakups before the final split in late 2010. Both parties moved on quickly with new relationships. Ashley Greene dated singer Joe Jonas for a decent amount of time, but it was Jonas who said the actress who broke up with him. Even though he had a past of being a serial dater, he said Greene broke his heart.

Perhaps one of the most shocking splits involved the two main stars of the movie Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The two young stars first hooked up during the filming of the first Twilight movie. Though Stewart and Pattinson denied it, the twosome clearly had an undeniable bond that was difficult to hide. In the summer of 2010, the couple was caught kissing, however their first official public kiss didn’t happen until two years later. Shortly after that public display affection, Stewart was caught canoodling with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman.  Although she issued a public apology,  Pattinson broke up with her and move out of the house they shared.  It wasn’t long before the couple reconciled and tried their relationship out again. Unfortunately, the reconciliation didn’t last long. The couple broke up for the last time in mid-2013 much to the dismay of serious Twi-hards. Given the history, it is highly unlikely Nikki Reed’s split with her husband really has anything to do with Twilight stars doomed relationships.

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