Noah: Relax People, It Is Just a Movie


Noah: relax people, it is just a movie. In keeping with tradition many people are losing their lids over the premier of the latest religious blockbuster, Noah. The Passion of the Christ, released 10 years ago, was criticized for being antisemitic. Now Noah has been banned in some countries, criticized by religious leaders and dragged through the mud for not being completely accurate. Even when the creators warned that the movie was only based on the bible rather than adhering directly to it. People love to criticize and sensationalize but truly, this is not a new course being taught in school or a change in the law, it is a movie.

According to The Blaze, the movie makers had to take artistic license with Noah because his character in the bible was too flat for movie purposes. Writer and executive producer Ari Handle said that The Bible provides no real character arc and no solid evidence of what the characters are thinking and feeling. However, the story does start out with a strong sense of justice (the wickedness of man needs to be judged) and ends with mercy. The rainbow representing how God will never again destroy the earth. This is the character arc that they chose for Noah in the movie. The tidal wave of criticism may have been based on the movie maker’s interpretation of the bible but there seems to be some softening toward the film.

Apparently many religious leaders are getting on board. Time says that Focus on the Family President Jim Daly thinks the movie is a great opportunity for Christians to engage with others regarding the biblical character of Noah. Apparently many religious leaders are OK with the retelling. Perhaps it only the ultra conservatives that consider it a problem. In fact, The Blaze states that a new promotional video was released by Christian leaders who praise the film.

Noah: Relax people, it is just a movie. Who is it then that needs to relax? Is it the general public afraid of another Christian movie that might shake up their differing beliefs? Perhaps they are uncomfortable having to take a look inward at their own sinfulness? Some movies are meant to make one think critically though and this is one of them.

It appears, according to The Daily Beast that it is in fact ultra conservatives making a stink including Glenn Beck who claimed it might spread “dangerous disinformation” without actually viewing the film. Of course Islamic countries would be against this movie simply because it is based on the bible and they have banned it. Qatar, Pakistan, U.A.E., Bahrain, and Indonesia all banned the movie because it allegedly contradicts the teachings of Islam. Pope Francis gave the movie an OK after an awkward meeting with Russel Crowe.

Noah: relax people, it is just a movie. The Daily Beast states that the film apparently cost $130 Million dollars to make. It has amazing special effects, a great cast and is sure to please audiences all over the globe. Having some controversy surrounding Noah will hopefully help the film do well at the box office. Really people, chill out and just let it be.

Opinion by: Nicole Drawc


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