Obama, Putin Seek Diplomacy Via Phone

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President Obama has received correspondence via a phone call from President Putin, in reference that Putin review the United States proposal, which seeks a diplomatic avenue for the Ukraine crisis. President Obama would like something in writing, according to the White House.

Russia and its annexation of the Crimean people has received a negative international response.

The two heads of arguably the most influential countries on the planet spoke for an hour. Mr. Obama urged Mr. Putin to not put forces on its border against Ukraine. President Obama urged President Putin to see that the United States wants diplomacy and that the crisis needs to have some control.

He urged Russia to bring its troops back and let Ukraine remain a sovereign state. They came to an agreement and decided the ministers of foreign affairs from each country would come together very soon for discussions. The United States has a proposal and this was developed with Ukraine and European countries, to protect those in Crimea and ease back Russian troops to bases.

President Obama took this call from President Putin to further diplomatic means over this crisis, while he was in Saudi Arabia. The Kremlin stated that Putin advised Obama of extremists in Kiev and Ukraine. Mr. Putin advised looking at possible solutions, where a global community might help the process of stabilizing the apparent unrest.

While pro-Russian leaders sent permission to join Russia, NATO feels the break-a-way area is vulnerable to the Russian forces. President Putin has assured the UN leaders he has no intention of using military force. NATO has some fears his military force near Ukraine is not only limited to Crimea.

This phone call on Friday might just mean diplomacy may be winning. Sanctions have been imposed, on Mr. Putin’s immediate associates, from the United States and its allies.

Lengthy street protests eventually led to the pro-Kremlin president, Ukraine President Viktor Yanokovych, to be removed from office in February. Much of this occurred during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Crimea was then annexed to Russia, when the ethnic region conceded through a vote to join Russia. The West said the vote was illegal.

The United Nations Ambassador to Russia, Vitaly Churkin, said the same thing as Putin, that there would be no Russian moves in the Ukraine crisis. Several countries have inspected the troops along the border recently, such as Germany, United States and Ukraine. The Russians report that no one has seen activity that would be seen as intrusive.

The unrest continues as Ukrainians say there is no one who can organize and unite. An impending vote for a government representative of the people is to be held in May. The United States has imposed sanctions and also a loan was made for the Ukraine from the US in the amount of $1 billion, which was approved by the U.S. Senate. Approximately $3 billion is coming from other countries as aid for the Ukraine people and its economy. The phone call between the two presidents is a further measure to insure and instill diplomacy between Russia and the United States in regard to the Ukraine crisis.

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