Oculus Facebook Rift Gameplay (Video)


Two regular guys sitting on the couch, open a box that came in the mail and what do they discover? The new Oculus Rift game visor! Obviously, this video is meant to make people laugh. It is a dramatization of what Facebook’s gameplay might look like in the future if used with Oculus.

Actors Brad McLean, Daniel Swansiger and Marc Tschudi take people through a hilarious scene in which one may imagine how it feels like to wear a set of “Facebook Blue” Oculus visors while playing in a virtual world.

First of all, people start by logging in with their Facebook name and password. Then, imagine a scene where people can see themselves holding up a gun or a sword as they walk around with the ability to kill anyone of your Facebook friends. Totally bizarre.

Is this where gaming is going in the future? People can most likely assume so. As a joke, the guys also showcased the game shooter to attempt to attack Mark Zuckerberg, unsuccessfully.

Obviously a map appears in the upper left hand corner of the screen to keep people aware of where they are in relation to their targets etc… Their game also imagines farm coins (like in Farmville) would be used to bring you back to life. Interesting idea. People have exactly one minute to decide whether they want to pay up, or die.

Besides weapons, there are also a number of cool sports cars to choose from if one chooses to switch Facebook games midway through. A drop down menu with different game options teases the viewer with even the idea of playing a virtual candy crush. Now, how would that work? A virtual world made of candy would absolutely ruin the lives of everyone addicted to it.

A cracked version of Minecraft was also included in there. An underground 3D world where one can dig and dig and dig. Forever. Gameplay that sounds more like one man’s idea of hell, than a fun game. The latest Oculus Rift technology that Facebook has bought into is something that may very well be entering most gamer’s homes sooner than they would have believed. No one can be sure which games will have the most success with this technology.

Of course there are Facebook advertisements throughout this fake game, something Zuckerberg would surely add to a virtual world like this. The viral video has caused quite the stir already on YouTube. Not sure if this is what Zuckerberg has in mind for the future of Facebook, but it opens up a whole world of ideas that many gamers have not yet thought about developing for yet.

If this type of thing is the future of first person shooter games, there may be some reason to worry. Although many people find this video something to laugh at, there is the concern of how violence brought to life so to speak, might have an impact on society.

Facebook’s games are already addictive enough as it is. For many users, the game Farmville for example, had them spending countless hours online and still does for many. If Farmville ever does go “Oculus Rift Style”, I don’t see there any hope of its annoying Facebook game requests to join in going away anytime soon, however it might dramatically improve the gameplay of the world’s most bland online game.

By Katie Sevigny


PC World

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