Love and Hip Hop Benzino Shot by Nephew With Intent to Kill?

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star and rap artist Benzino (Raymond Scott) was shot during his late mother’s funeral procession Saturday morning in Massachusetts. What is the world coming to when a family in mourning can not lay to rest their loved one in peace without the fear and possibility of attempted murder occurring during the funeral procession? To those looking inside this horrific incident from outside would swear this sounds like a scene from a mobster movie; no one would believe it if it had not hit news stations. Reality television stars, at one time, were everyday Joe’s who were interesting enough to watch. Suddenly, reality stars have become individuals laced with corruption, scandal, FBI surveillance, and now attempted murder attached to them.

Proud Father and former owner of the hip-hop magazine the Source, Benzino had started another hip hop publication called Hip Hop Weekly. His persona on the reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta could come across as a womanizing, successful businessman with an intense edge. The alarming question is what would make Benzino’s nephew, Gai Scott, pull up next to his uncle’s SUV in a Bentley during a funeral procession for a deceased elder family member and fire shots allegedly into the SUV with the intent to kill? Benzino was hit in his right arm and back. He managed to crawl out of his SUV to receive assistance to the emergency room. He was listed in critical condition upon arrival, but has since taken Instagram photos in a sling from his hospital room to let his fans know he is alright.

Benzino, 48, is far from being a rapper in conflict with any other industry artists today. As he tells his story, he has been sued for copyright infringement by hip hop artist Eminem and indicted for tax evasion in the past and has cleared his name. Benzino is reported stating that he grew up hard in Boston, has lived and went through his challenges, but is a new man. So the question grows even more haunting as to why his nephew would allegedly gun his own uncle down in a drive-by shooting with the intent to kill. Gai Scott was taken into custody while investigators covered the hearse carrying Mary Scott (Benzino’s deceased Mother). The hearse had become a crime scene, but the funeral proceeded with the deceased being transferred to another hearse. The Love and Hip Hop star reportedly was not present to lay his mother to rest.

As disturbing as this incident is, the experience was ten times more tragic, chaotic, and painful for the family members attending the funeral shortly after Benzino was gunned down. Family disputes disrupting funerals are not uncommon. Emotions are high with grief-stricken hearts with no other outlet but to lash out at loved ones. When the surviving family members are holding it together to make funeral arrangements, many become consumed by stress. However, not too many people can say they have witnessed family members shoot each other with the intent to kill during the funeral procession. Was this a family matter gone seriously wrong or a business deal gone bad? The investigation will reveal in time what exactly transpired between the Love and Hip Hop star and his nephew. But until then, fans can chalk up yet another reality star demonstrating that it can not get much more real.

Opinion by Meleika Gardner

NY Daily News

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  1. Peggy   June 17, 2014 at 4:27 am

    Am so sorry for your mothers death. Please stop reaching into marrage life is short injoy it.

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