Orlando Bloom Eager About English Education for Son Flynn


When Orlando Bloom split from his wife of three years, model Miranda Kerr, it was a mercifully drama free experience. However, the British actor is now expressing how eager he is for their son Flynn to receive an English education as well as an understanding and appreciation for his home country. Given that Kerr is based primarily in New York and the couple currently share responsibility for their adorable three-year old, Bloom’s desire to move the boy to a different continent, may lead to some disagreements among the exes.

The Lord of the Rings actor is in his 37th year and has led, by his own admission, a “nomadic” lifestyle for the duration of his Hollywood career. Now that he has his fatherly duties to perform though, he is keen to curb that aspect of his life and focus on spending as much time as possible with his little man. Kerr has also made personal sacrifices for the sake of her son, cutting back on her work commitments and is often seen around New York with Flynn. Despite the estrangement of the couple in their personal lives, they remain close in terms of their desire to ensure the best for their son in all areas of his life, although this resolution may be tested with Bloom’s recent revelations about his preference for England.

The star of The Pirates of the Caribbean grew up in Canterbury in Kent, England and has stated that he would like his son to experience the country and consider it his home. This might be part of the reason behind Bloom’s recent eager statements about securing his son, Flynn (which incidentally is an Irish surname), an English education. There may also be a hangover from the difficulty he had in the aftermath of the split from his wife. He stated that he felt very lost and as a result is still not dating six months after their break, and continues to focus exclusively on his son and acting career. Bloom also claims that there is still “deep love” between the pair and although they had tried to make things work it was just time to give the relationship some “breathing space”. Kerr has not stated anything specifically however she seems to be less hesitant to being the moving on process as there have been reports linking her to James Packer as well as other extremely affluent suitors. It remains to be seen whether this will become a source of tension or conflict between her and her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

At least in their professional lives Bloom and Kerr are going from strength to strength in their respective careers. Australian Kerr was recently announced as the new face and body of Wonderbra and continues to be in high demand as a fashion model. Meanwhile Bloom is currently being praised for his performance on Broadway in the play of the Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet. So while most areas of their life are moving in positive directions whether or not those directions include the UK. Given that Bloom has told the media of his eager plans for his son Flynn to receive an English education and given the close nature of his relationship with his ex-wife, it seems safe to assume that they have talked about the possibility. However, there are no clues as to what Kerr thinks on the issue or the likelihood of it happening.

Commentary by Rhona Scullion


Daily Mail

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