Oscar Pistorius – The Story of the Bloody Feet

Oscar Pistorius bloody feet

Is it Professor Plum in the ballroom with the lead pipe? Or could it be Mrs. Peacock in the library with the candlestick? No, wait…. that is the Clue board game. It must be Oscar Pistorius in the bathroom with a bloody foot.  What do bloody feet have to do with Oscar Pistorius? A lot, according to the prosecution and defense teams at Pistorius’ murder trial. The story behind the bloody feet could either prove that he is innocent or guilty, depending on the evidence at hand.

The Oscar Pistorius trial continued on Thursday, with the prosecution aiming to prove Reeva Steenkamp’s murder was intentional. According to Pistorius, he accidentally shot his 9mm pistol four times through the bathroom door on Valentine’s Day of last year because he thought a burglar had broken into his mansion.

The Paralympian admitted to feeling defenseless and acted abruptly to protect his own life. Prosecutors claim, however, that he killed Steenkamp following an intense argument.

Images were projected across a screen in the courtroom which showed horrifying detail of Steenkamp’s assassination. Photos revealed a white toilet covered in blood, artificial feet drenched in blood, and Reeva Steenkamp’s dead body. Pistorius reportedly vomited in court after viewing the terrible images.

Did Pistorius shoot his girlfriend with or without the prosthetic legs? That is the question both sides are trying to answer. It is now up to the prosecution and defense teams to present their cases of whether Oscar Pistorius is guilty, and to let the story of the bloody feet do the talking.

The defense team argues that Pistorius was wearing his prosthetic legs when he broke through a restroom door with a cricket bat to get to his girlfriend after realizing that he had shot her by mistake.  Lawyer Barry Roux presented a photo for evidence that showed Pistorius’ prosthetic limbs with white socks which were coated in Steenkamp’s blood all the way up to the knee.

Roux also mentioned that the defense obtained evidence of a sock fabric rooted in the wooden door which confirms Pistorius’ statement that he tried to kick through it while wearing his prosthetics. Furthermore, the defense attorney showed an image of a section of the door and stated that the mark was created by the suspect’s prosthetics after he kicked it.

Prosecutors allege that Pistorius was not wearing his fake legs before purposely shooting his girlfriend, insisting that he was on his ‘stumps’ when he fired the gun through the bathroom door. They stated that Pistorius is a gun enthusiast as well as a man with a violent temper, who argued with Steenkamp and chased her to the lavatory where he eventually murdered her.

The trial will continue with Oscar Pistorius reluctantly participating and hoping for the best outcome in this dreadful tragedy. If convicted of premeditated murder, he will face 25 years to life in prison.

Both Steenkamp’s and Pistorius’ family members anxiously await the verdict of this ongoing trial, eager to get closure after the ordeal. But the question still remains: Did Oscar Pistorius intentionally murder his girlfriend? The story of the bloody feet will do the talking.

By Amy Nelson


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