Oscars 2014 Nominees Are Winners by Default, Experience Says

Oscars 2014 Nominees Are Winners by Default

Oscar winners throughout the time have stated that being one of the front-runners of the night is equivalent to winning in terms of future endorsements and courtships from the film community, and experience says that Oscars 2014 nominees are winners by default. Academy Award winner Wendy Hiller once mentioned that the recognition means “cold, hard cash” and film producer Nick Reed admitted that “a nomination breaks through the clutter.” Irrespective of who holds the golden statuette, being a nominee is already a victory.

The rehearsals for the Academy Awards started days before March 2, but so did the public’s predictions, who shout in unison Leonardo DiCaprio and Alfonso Cuarón. However, there is more than meets the eye with the Oscars 2014 nominees, who are considered by the branch winners by default, experience says. Nick Reed, nominated for an Oscar thanks to his documentary starring Alice Herz-Sommer, the oldest-known Holocaust survivor stated that the sheer nomination took him by surprise and changed his career for the better.

Reed stated that while he was still shocked by nomination, “the well-oiled academy machine kicked into high gear” and put him into contact with multiple people from both the film community and advertising area.

He added that only after he was nominated, could he grasp how important the Oscars are to the proper functioning of the film community. Just like Wendy Hiller, who stated that the Academy Awards mean “cold, hard cash,” Reed saw the nomination alone as a success, and the renown statuette is the culmination of work.

Academy Awards in a Nutshell

The “vote of quality” that the Oscars offer to both nominees and winners allows them to get the needed media attention, and this year 12 Years a Slave, Gravity and American Hustle are the experts’ favorites. Tom O’Neil, founder of GoldDerby.com, a platform that tracks showbiz awards by pooling the predictions of professionals and fans has noticed that, more often than not, the best picture has won the editing Academy Award and all three frontrunners are nominated to this category, along with Captain Phillips.

Therefore, although best picture is the last category of the Academy Awards, the winner could become more predictable after the best film editing section.

Although the Oscars 2014 nominees are, as experience says, winners by default, O’Neil stated that the battle of the best actors could be given between Leonardo DiCaprio, the public’s choice and Matthew McConaughey, the rumored choice of the experts. O’Neil remembered that one Academy member told him “he’s voting for McConaughey because he’s addicted to True Detective.

The final detail which makes the Oscars 2014 unforgettable is the fact that usually, the same movie wins both best director and best picture, but O’Neil stated that this year, the two categories might differ. Gravity’s Alfonso Cuarón is rated the winner among directors, while 12 Years a Slave could win the statuette for best picture.

Irrespective of the results Sunday brings for the Oscars 2014 nominees, experience says that they are all winners by default thanks to the financial benefits which walk hand in hand with the nomination. The Academy Awards represent not only the crowning of a successful project, but also the motivation to raise the bar of the film community.

Opinion by Gabriela Motroc

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