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Valeria Lukyanova: Human Barbie to Live on Air

Valeria Lukyanova: Human Barbie to Live on Air

Valeria Lukyanova, the “Human Barbie” from the Ukraine, has revealed that she will live on air, and light, from now on as she does not need food to exist. The 23 year-old model has revealed that she has converted to Breatharianism. This “new-age” cult believe that food and water are not necessary to survive as they can get all their nutritional requirement from “sun-gazing” and from absorbing energy from a giant invisible spacecraft that is stationed over the U.S.

Lukyanova has her own Facebook page and so far it has been liked over 994,000 times. The page features links to other models who have similar dimensions to Valeria. The Human Barbie has had many posts left on her page that accuse the Ukranian of being as air headed as her plastic counterpart. Others just come straight to the point and say that she is “nuts.”

Critics of the model have said that she uses Photoshop and relied upon plastic surgery to achieve her doll-like proportions. Lukyanova seemingly could care less about what people believe about her goal to become the perfect shape. Apart from thinking that looking like a real-life Barbie doll is the epitome of perfection, Valeria also claims that she can travel through time and that she speaks to aliens as well.

Presumably, the aliens that Lukyanova converses with live in the giant spaceship that hovers over the North American continent. The spacemen, or women, must have introduced Valeria to the concept of Breathanarism and “cosmic microfood.” Hopefully the Human Barbie will have better luck than other practitioners of the “living on air” philosophy.

So far, these new-age microfood consumers have not been very successful in their endeavor to stop eating and drinking. Quite a few have died from starvation or become so severely dehydrated that death is not too far off. One Australian believer, who participated in that country’s version of 60 Minutes, was stopped after a four day trial because of “severe” dehydration. The participant, one Ellen Greve, stated that she was fine to continue the trial and that her health problems were because of the “bad air” she was ingesting as the testing location was too close to a city road.

Despite this claim, and Greve’s being moved far away from “bad air,” she was still reported to be dehydrated during the trial. This “movement” to an alien form of subsistence began in California in 1983. One of the best known participants in the new cult was found to be cheating when he said he was existing on just air and light when caught in the act of ordering a chicken pie. Unsurprisingly the movement lost a large number of new members after that.

Regardless of this dubious background of the movement, Valeria Lukyanova the Human Barbie and Ukrainian model has announced that she will live on air and light. She reported that in “recent weeks” she has not been suffering from hunger pains and she hopes this lack of appetite is her “final stage” before making the transition to Breatharianism. While this latest news is disturbing, in relation to the model’s health, it is certainly not the strangest pronouncement to come from the living doll. Hopefully her alien friends will not let her get too dehydrated or ill from her prolonged fast.

By Michael Smith


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