Paltrow and Martin Have Uncoupled

PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have made a statement regarding their separation, according to the statement released they have officially “uncoupled.” The pair, who have been married for 10 years and have 2 children, announced their separation via Paltrow’s website Goop. According to the statement they have been working to save their marriage for over a year, but have decided that remaining separate is best.

Paltrow has spent the last year defending herself against accusations of infidelity with billionaire Jeff Soffer and Kevin Yorn. She went to such extremes as to email her celebrity friends in order to help her boycott Vanity Fair; a publication she believed was trying to take her down by bringing to light her secret affairs. Vanity Fair denied the claims on various occasions, claiming they were only running a story on the public’s love hate relationship with the Academy Award winner. That same year she was voted as most hated celebrity by Star magazine and most beautiful woman by People magazine. Her website Goop has been criticized by being elitist, where recommendations are frivolous. She has a $298 bathrobe as a must have item along with $1,028 rug, which she expressed to be at a low price.

The publicity Vanity Fair’s unpublished article created brought more curiosity towards Paltrow and Martin’s private life. The press became more enamored with photographing the couple and trying to see the cracks in their relationship. Paltrow’s previous statements on marriage and infidelity where recirculating to her disadvantage. She has previously claimed that humans are flawed and make mistakes; to which she added, people that she admires greatly have had extra-marital affairs. Paltrow has also stated that Martin and her have one hall pass, meaning they would be forgiving of each other if they were to be involved in a sexual indiscretion.

Paltrow is the daughter of the late director Bruce Paltrow and actress Blythe Danner. She is known as an Academy Award winning actress and a Hollywood starlet who has dated two of People magazines most beautiful men. She was famously engaged to Brad Pitt, dated Ben Affleck and is rumoured to have dated Bryan Adams and Luke Wilson.

Martin, who is known worldwide as the vocalist for the band Coldplay, was born in England to an accountant and a music teacher. Martin is rumored to have romanced Paltrow by inviting her backstage at one of his concerts. The couple has been widely known for their extreme need for privacy, which includes avoiding being photographed together at events. They are reportedly worth $150 million, with Paltrow’s film and endorsement career earning her millions, while Coldplay has also just released a new album and is expected to begin their world shortly. The couple also owns properties in Los Angeles, New York, and London.

Paltrow and Martin’s separation comes after months of speculation regarding their status. Paltrow has kept in the public eye through her website Goop and her Vanity Fair smear campaign, while Martin has kept behind the scenes working on his new album with Coldplay. As one of Hollywood’s highest profile couples, the now “uncoupled” couple’s request for privacy will clearly be denied by the press.

By Dony Lugo

Daily Mail
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