Parabens Found in Beauty Products Can Kill You


Women and men alike are at risk every day of developing cancer, heart disease, liver disorders, and even death. The dangerous culprit lurks in the normal body and beauty care products that people use every day. Hygiene is a necessary part of life; however, it is the very hygiene products that are making Americans sick.

The United States does not have the same types of regulations, which would ban the sale of products containing harmful additives, as is the custom in Europe. In fact, the FDA does not regulate the production of beauty and body products; instead, it leaves the decision up to the manufacturers. Many buy beauty products because they enjoy the way they look and feel. They do not know that there is no governance for what companies can add to their products.

Many products contain a preservative intended to prevent them from spoiling or collecting germs, called “parabens”. These parabens have a major aspect of everything from body lotions, cremes, makeup, lipsticks, soaps, and some deodorants. This harmful chemical is absorbed directly into the skin, undiluted. It deposits itself in the blood stream and in the soft tissues, commonly the breast.

Scientific examination done on the breast tissue of breast cancer patients has revealed that parabens are present almost every time. In fact, the same type of paraben is found and there is no deviation. The parabens are absorbed directly into the tissue and is unchanged, creating frightening deposits in the tissues. Also, they contain high levels of estrogen, which enables the development of tumors. Presently, there are thousands of products which may increase the likelihood of disease that are readily available to the public.

In addition, children’s products are not immune. Baby lotion is commonly full of dimethicone, a wax derivative that is also absorbed into the skin and deposited into the blood stream. Not only this, but chemicals and additives are just as harmful to the planet as they are to the human body. Unless they are labeled as certified biodegradable, paraben and sulfate-free, they will cause significant harm to the environment.

Manufacturers can be tricky in their marketing and packaging of products. A large number of the most harmful products are labeled as “all natural”, “organic”, “gentle”, and “pure”. Labels such as these are nothing but corporate trickery in efforts to pad their large wallets. A lack of governance on behalf of these companies allows them to resort to manipulation and creative packaging to meet their bottom line at the expense of the health of many Americans.

Often, the reason people choose mainstream beauty products fraught with parabens is because most of the time, they are either more affordable, popular, or just seem to be a great product on the surface. Also, products free of additives have a reputation of being somewhat costly. However, many do not realize that there are simple solutions to replacing their beauty regiments with very little money.

Using products from the earth, such as olive and coconut oils, essential oils, and checking labels more thoroughly are methods by which an individual can rid themselves of dangerous chemicals that have the potential to completely destroy a person’s health, or even kill them. Science has shown that many people die unnecessarily because of disease created by parabens.

By J.A. Johnson


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