‘Person of Interest’: ‘Allegiance’ Whose Side Are You On?

person of interest

This episode of Person of InterestAllegiance – is the 18th episode of the third season. As the title of the episode suggests, he or she is going to have to take sides.

The main plot that is running through the show now is that it seems in the near future, there is going to be a war between two artificial intelligence machines. One is called the Machine and was built by Harold Finch (Michael Emerson), one of the main characters in this show. The other machine is called the Samaritan and was built by a classmate of Finch. In a previous episode of this show, the bad guys had captured the classmate and got the plans for the Samaritan. The bad guys are building the Samaritan and are doing anything to build it, including killing people.

The current team of good guys is Finch, Reese, Shaw, Fusco and Root. Root (Amy Acker) was a bad guy in the past and is on the side of the angels. The bad guys tried to tempt Root to their side in this episode. It ended up being a stalemate and they are going to continue to tempt her in their future.

This is a very simplistic summary of what is currently happening with Person of Interest. A person would have to write a book on what has happened in the previous three seasons.

The focus of every episode is usually the Machine providing the Social Security number of a US citizen and the good guys go out to rescue this person. The person that they must rescue is an Iraqi woman who is part of a company that builds portable electric generators for developed countries. Her former lover tried to enter the United States. The government stopped him from entering the country and wants to deport him. They believe that he is a terrorist, based on bogus information. The goal of the good guy team is to keep the lover from being deported and being killed by the bad guys. The good guys do have to go through some hoops to stop the bad guys of this episode from the killing of the lover.

Coincidentally, these portable generators could be used to power a supercomputer like the Samaritan.

Person of Interest is difficult to put in a particular genre or category. The best that a person could say is that it is an intellectual action thriller. It usually has enough action to satisfy the average person. It is smart enough to satisfy the intellectual who loves PBS and NPR.

What cannot be denied is that it is a good show. The acting is good enough and a person gets to care about the characters. The writers seem to lose their way sometimes, but in the end, the writers of this show do know what they are doing. They are in control of the overall plot and he or she can trust that they are leading a person to a good place.

The one big weakness of this show is that a new viewer of this show would have trouble figuring out what’s going on. This is a show that you have to watch every week to understand what is happening. You could do some research on the Internet to understand this show, but you would have to be willing to take the time to do that research.

Whose side? After three seasons, a person should be on the side of Person of Interest.

Reviewed by Thomas Clark



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