‘Psych’ Last Episode: May It End Better Than These TV Shows


Recently, Psych, the TV show,  had its very last episode. You can end a show where the audience is happy and everybody goes home. Unfortunately, there are shows that end unsatisfactorily and could have caused riots. These are some of those shows.

Alphas is a show that only recently ended its run and did not do it in a graceful manner as hopefully Psych will. It did only last 2 seasons, so not many people saw the last show.  The show was the SyFy network’s attempt at a superhero type of show. The superheroes did not have costumes, but they certainly did have superpowers. One had super strength. One had super senses. The main characters looked for other people with powers and fought the supervillains. In he last episode, the supervillains may have killed all the people at Grand Central Station in New York City and most of the superhero team. One member of the superhero team seemed to have survived the massacre.  Why did he survive? Did anybody else survive? The answers to these questions will never be answered as it was the very last episode.

Twin Peaks ended in the same disappointing manner as Alphas. Twin Peaks was a weird show about a weird town in the Pacific Northwest  part of America. When the characters were not being weird, they were searching for the murderer of a local high school student named Laura Palmer.  In the last episode, the murderer turned out to be a person possessed by a devil. The devil switched bodies and possessed somebody else.  What the evil did next is unknown as this was the very last episode of the show.

The last episode of this show did indeed make people angry as it was still a popular when it ended as Psych should not. Bill O’Reilly wrote a whole chapter in one of his books about how disappointed he was by the ending.  The show was Seinfeld and it ended with all four main characters going to jail. You may have not liked the characters totally.  A fiancee of one of the characters died after licking the envelopes that were being used to send invitations to their wedding.  This character did not mourn her death at all. You may have thought that was despicable, but he did not kill her on purpose.  However you felt about the characters, going to jail was not a satisfactory way to end the show. Psych should be better.

The most disappointing end to a show ever was the TV show called St. Elsewhere.  St. Elsewhere was the disparaging nickname given to a Boston hospital called St. Eligius. For six seasons, the doctors of Eligius dealt with normal emergencies that a big city hospital has to deal with. It was basically a realistic show with some flights of fantasy. One character did seem to visit Heaven, Hell and Purgatory.  These flights of fantasy did not prepare the audience for the very last episode of the show. It turns out that the TV show was all just a dream. The TV show was dreamt by the autistic son of one of the doctors. If a person was a loyal watcher of this show, he or she must have wanted to throw your TV out the window.  It is with good reason that people  will not watch repeats of this show.

The last episode of the TV show called Psych will hopefully not be as disappointing as one of these TV shows.

Review By Tom Clark


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