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A petition appeared on the We the People feature of the White House’s website which urges people to sign so that Alaska can become Russian and go back to its roots, when the 49th state of the United States was bought from Russia for $7.2 million. According to United Press International, the application was started by an unnamed resident of Anchorage who offered the initials of S.V. and it already gathered almost 30,000 signatures. However, in order to obtain a response from the Obama administration, the petition must gather 100,000 signatures until April 20.

A petition was created on March 21 by a person living in Anchorage, Alaska and urges people to sign it so that the American state can become Russian. The grammatically challenged petition tells the story of how a group of Russians reached the US state for the first time and ends the short history lesson by urging people to “vote for secession of Alaska from the United States and joining Russia.” However, one of the petition’s flaws is that it does not specify how the secession would be executed if it were accepted and no referendum or other type of process is included in the proposal. Moreover, after the Civil War ended, the Supreme Court decided that the unilateral secession is unconstitutional.

One of the first reactions to this news belongs to Lynette Clark, chairwoman for Alaska’s Independence Party, who told the Daily News that it is this state’s “density to be an independent republic on this planet.” At the same time, she described the thought of this particular state of the United States becoming Russian as “ridiculous.” Still, on March 22, while talking on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, Vladimir Chizhov, the Russian Ambassador to the European Union joked that Senator McCain should protect his state.

Similar Case

A petition was created on the We the People feature of the White House’s website which urges people to sign so that Alaska can become Russian, but this is not a premiere. A similar proposal appeared in 2012 calling for Texas to secede from the United States and, since there were over 100,000 signatures gathered, the White House responded by stating that “our states remain united.”

If the petition focusing on Alaska exceeds 100,000 signatures, the Obama administration will have to offer the population an official response to the demand. However, no matter how many people wish to transform this state into a Russian territory, it seems that a part of the 49th US state could already belong to Russia. According to the mayor of Yakutsk, Aysen Nikolayev and researchers from the same city discovered a certificate issued by Captain Second Rank Aleksey Peshchurov, Russian government commissioner which states that Alaska’s Spruce Island has been offered to the Russian Orthodox Church “for eternity.” Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, a senior church official concluded that the papers will be thoroughly studied in order to determine the perspective of the claims in the current environment.

A petition which started on March 21 by an unnamed resident of Anchorage urges people to sign so that Alaska can become Russian. In order to receive an official response from the Obama administration, the proposal must gather 100,000 in 30 days, period which ends on April 20.

By Gabriela Motroc


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