Pizza Technology: The Interactive Table [Video]


Recently Pizza Hut announced a new innovation which would allow consumers not only to order their pizza via tabletop but also pay through the same method after interfacing with the customer’s personal electronics. The company is testing what is essentially a giant computer tablet application except the computer also doubles as the table. The interactive technology is currently in development with the software design company Chaotic Moon Studios for Pizza Hut to implement as their new restaurant tables.

The idea behind the new technology is to allow consumers not only an easier and higher degree of input in their pizza orders, but also to allow the entire process from ordering to paying to be done electronically. While the concept video currently features a customer with an iPhone, Pizza Hut representatives have said that they looking to have the technology work across all platforms. The company has stated that they have no desire to limit customer experiences based on the technological preferences of the consumer.

The table app will allow people to customize their pizzas with hand swipes across the table. They will be able to choose the size of the pizza, the type of crust, the types of toppings and whether those toppings should cover the entire pie or only half. The table is slated to be interactive with more than just pizza orders. The technology will feature the entire menu, including side dishes, wings, pastas, and desserts.

The interactive table will use the same interface to also display a timer which will inform the customers of the approximate time they have left to wait prior to their order delivery. While waiting for the pizza to be finished, the tabletop will display a variety of games. Pizza Hut spokespeople have indicated that the tabletop gaming experience is in remembrance of the games that used to be available for play during a restaurant visit. The app will not only take the pizza order but will also accept payment. Using information synced from the customer’s phone, the table will offer the option of paying via credit, debit, or even cash.

The table is currently still in what the company is considering a concept stage. There are no concrete plans to install the technology in any of their approximately 4,000 dine-in restaurants as of yet, but the company does state that they believe this concept to be something that will result in a more enjoyable user experience. Pizza Hut has been focusing more on digital concepts in the recent past and anticipates being able to offer more modern and technological user experiences in the near future.

The interactive table currently under development for Pizza Hut may allow technology to be used in what could be an entirely new customer experience. The ability to go to a dine-in restaurant yet order an entire meal, play video games, and pay for the order without either leaving the table or utilizing human powered services for anything but behind the scene creation and order delivery is a futuristic concept that may soon come to pass. In the meantime, customers will continue to interact with servers while this new concept technology is still being tested.

By Dee Mueller

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