Playstation 4 Rumors About The Last of Us Re-Release

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Playstation 4 owners may have reason to rejoice as there have been rumors of a possible remake of the award-winning title for the newest generation. The source of the rumor comes from a video on a NeoGaf forum that shows a video of Turkish Playstation vice president Sulun at a conference. The video is in Turkish, however, a translation of what Sulun says during one part of the conversation hints at a re-release of the smash hit sometime in the near future. If there is any truth to these rumors, Playstation 4 owners will see this game in all of its high definition glory likely this summer. Previous Xbox 360 owners who have switched over to Playstation 4 will be excited as this game was not available for that console.

The Last of Us, for those somehow unfamiliar, is a post-apocalyptic survival game involving two protagonists trying to make their life in the now wastelands of the USA. The gameplay emphasizes stealth and cover, but also offers its fair share of action as well. The game has been critically acclaimed for both its storyline and gameplay, and has won several awards, including Game of the Year and best narrative. With such a proven track record its no wonder Sony should celebrate with a re-release for the Playstation 4, provided that the rumors hold true. Lately more and more games are making attempts to cross the lines between entertainment and experience, and The Last of Us certainly speaks volumes of what a video game can evoke emotionally, and is a huge step forward for how video games can be perceived. A re-release will hopefully get more people talking about this game and make it even more accessible for those who would be willing to view from a more critical or artistic standpoint.

However, it is important to keep in mind that this claim is simply a rumor and not a confirmation. All too often that gaming community winds up riling itself up over an executive misspeaking or reading too far into a video.  This is likely because video games are exciting things. It is an immensely appealing experience to find oneself immersed in the world conjured by a video game, and it is easy to get excited about the prospect of engaging with the ideas that are explored through the game. Much like a novel taking one to a place and time outside one’s own, a video game must seek to properly immerse the player in a space that cannot possibly be occupied in reality, a space where the player can do amazing things, live out an unreal tale and be a hero outside of his or her own day to day experiences. It is no wonder that a game claimed for its story has so many people talking about a mere rumor of a possible re-release.

Whether to rumors of a Playstation 4 re-release of The Last of Us hold true or not, they do serve one purpose, getting people to talk about a great video game. If the re-release does happen chances are those it may end up being another console seller for those who have not yet made their decision on their next generation console.

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