Points Fighting and Olympic Judo Not for UFC Champion Ronda Rousey


Bantamweight women’s champion, Ronda Rousey, talked with the media briefly on Friday about an hour before the UFC 171 weigh-ins discussing a variety of topics linked to the champ. Ronda addressed everything from pro wrestling, Gina Carano, fighting at 145 lbs., the Arianny Celeste feud, and her former love with Judo, some wondering if she would make a return to the Judo Olympics at some point. When addressing a media question from the Guardian Liberty Voice about a possible return to Judo for the Olympics, she answered without any hesitation covering both Judo and points fighting.

” In Judo my mark has been made and that chapter of my life has been closed,” Ronda stated,” I would love to go spectate and watch, but they have changed a lot of the rules in Judo now and I just don’t really think its the same sport really, and not as practical and realistic as it used to be.”

There is no denying that the Olympics rules have changed somewhat in Judo since Rousey last competed in the Beijing Olympic games in 2008, where she won a bronze medal in Judo. At age 17, the UFC women’s champ was the youngest judoka to qualify for the Athens Olympics in 2004. She went on to win numerous medals in her illustrious Judo career in World Judo Championships and Pan American Championships before retiring and strictly focusing on Mixed Martial Arts at the age of 21. Rousey often jokingly references to her mom’s days of waking her daughter up from bed with arm bar submission maneuvers, and relished her mom’s own accomplished Judo background growing up.

Ronda has started off with a bang in her MMA career, finishing all nine opponents she has faced inside the cage with only one single fight making it past the first round. “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey definitely lives up to her moniker with her no holds barred aggression towards her opponents, always pressing the action in some way or another, and not allowing any of her opponents any breathing room as she looks for the finish at every single moment of the fight. The points fighter label has never been associated with Ronda and she prefers to keep it that way. When shooting down the possibilities of a return to the Judo Olympics, the UFC women’s champion also touched base on points fighting in Judo along with fighting in the UFC.

“Being in MMA now I’m spoiled, I can’t deal with points fighters anymore you know?” Rousey laughed, “When someone starts point fighting with me now I have the habit to hit them now, I don’t know if I could bury that.”

Her decision to stick with MMA over a Judo Olympics return has seemed to pan out well for the 27-year-old face of women’s MMA. With many business opportunities and rival women fighters all lining up for the opportunity to deal with Rousey, she has quite a bit of work ahead of her. With the clock turning on her retirement plan she predicted in two years, she will be a busy women for the UFC and Dana White before hitting that mark. With possible work in entertainment and modeling, the dream of maybe being involved with wrestling promotion and training with CM Punk and big names like Cris Cyborg, Holly Holm, and Gina Carano, Rousey is going to have quite a packed schedule going forward. The sky is the limit for “Rowdy” Ronda as she presses on in her future endeavors as one of the most popular fighters of today in the UFC.

Commentary by Justin Huffman


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  1. Barnaby   March 19, 2014 at 10:23 am

    What is ultimately so disappointing about Roussey is that she has essentially gone from competing in a top level professional sport to beating up total amateurs in a nothing sport. Yes she’s made her mark on MMA but only because all the competition is rubbish.

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