Police Search for Man’s Penis in Road Incident


Try not to laugh. A very unfortunate incident occurred very early this morning, which left police still searching for clues. At 4:40 am this morning, a 40-year-old man from Southbank, Middlesbrough in north-east England was found in serious condition on the side of the A66 dual carriageway road. The man was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after Cleveland police stated the “wounds to his groin area” were pretty serious. The carriage way needed to be closed in one section for a few hours while the police began to search for the man’s severed penis.

Police needed to seal off the area with tape to keep cars from passing through so they could locate the man’s penis which had unfortunately detached during the incident. Locals had seen the police searching through the bush to find it. They had to seal the area just in case “Any evidence would be lost or destroyed” they said. A 22-year-old man is now in police custody after being arrested on suspicion of assault. The condition of the man admitted to hospital is still unknown.

Police have yet to report if they have located the man’s penis or if it was in good enough condition to be salvaged and returned to the hospital to be reattached. Officers are still in the early stages of their investigation of the crime scene and are encouraging those who have any information about the incident to come forward. People can call the 101 number (for non-emergency). The road closures were required so police could identify exactly how the man’s injuries were acquired. They are also unsure as to which direction the man was travelling along the busy carriage way. The police will search for leads or any evidence that could be brought forward.

John Bobbitt (Lorena Bobbitt’s unlucky victim) was surprisingly lucky enough to have his penis reattached. The man injured this morning may not be so lucky if police do not find his detached member in time. The good news? Today doctors have a variety of medical procedures that may help this man. For one, tissue can be taken from another part of the body to reconstruct a new penis. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Gary Alter says “You can make something that looks like a penis somewhat.”

psychological rehabilitation is also very much a part of the healing process for men who’ve lost or had damage to their penis. In an article on penile reconstruction on the NCBI website it explains that the loss of a penis “negatively affects many different aspects of life” within the person’s relationship as well as their psychological well-being.

While this road search has been cleared up now, the 40-year-old man first found by police to be very distressed after the incident, he still remains in hospital with serious wounds. The words, ‘Penis Hunt” do make for some shocking headlines, yet it is unknown whether the man’s injuries extended to any other parts of his body. The A66 dual carriageway is no longer closed to traffic.

By Katie Sevigny


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