Popcorn Time Tops Netflix: Free Pirated Movies for Everyone

popcorn timePopcorn Time, a rising cross-platform, BitTorrent-powered movie streaming desktop app is slowly but surely topping Netflix thanks to what it has to offer, namely free pirated movies for everyone. In short, this app is Hollywood’s biggest nightmare, because it offers the latest films at a click away. Popcorn Time’s designer, Sebastian wished to come up with a software that saves people from the multiple steps that must be made in order to download a movie from BitTorrent. The result, which is both free and open source, has the ability to defeat content makers with their own services.

Popcorn Time is becoming a sensation thanks to the fact that it allows everyone to stream the latest pirated movies for free with just a few clicks, which has helped it top Netflix. However, the only disadvantage is the fact that it is a flagrant enabler of copyright violation, so all people who choose to acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of the app could be sued. However, Sebastian, a designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina who accepted the challenge of simplifying the process of downloading a movie and turned Popcorn Time into reality told TorrentFreak that he is not afraid of lawsuits, because he has not done anything wrong.

When TorrentFreak talked to Sebastian, the designer did not seem disturbed by the fact that the app offers free pirated movies for everyone and seems to have topped Netflix. On the contrary, the developers do not expect any legal issues, because they inform users that not all countries allow people to share copyrighted material. Moreover, a stipulation on Popcorn Time’s Q&A section indicates that all users are, in fact, downloading the movies while watching them.

Sebastian emphasized that fact that the app cannot get in trouble, because none of the developers have financial reasons to be involved in Popcorn Time, and there are no premium accounts, ads or subscription fees. In short, all they are doing is to repackage existing content, without a trace of commercial angle.

Sebastian told TorrentFreak that the main reason why Popcorn Time exists is because he loves “the challenge of simplification.” As a result, this tool allows everyone to download and watch free pirated movies with a click of a button. The app offers a wide range of movies and genres, which differ in quality and subtitles.

Soon after the app was released, developers across the globe translated it in six languages and added new features. Popcorn Time is essentially a browser which uses CSS, HTML and JavaScript and is available for Linus, Mac and Windows.

The app is safe for now as far as legal issues are concerned, but Hollywood has a long history regarding suing torrents. One particular example involves The Hurt Locker, which was leaked on BitTorrent before its official release and led to relatively low earnings, but won six Oscars.

Taking into consideration both the leak and the unsatisfactory earnings, Voltage Pictures and the US Copyright Group decided to sue the torrent. The latter is known for having sued thousands of P2P users in order to “stop movie infringement.”

Legal issues aside, Popcorn Time is reportedly topping Netflix, thanks to its easy way of offering free pirated movies for everyone who agrees with the terms and conditions.

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