President Vladimir Putin Orders Return of Russian Troops

President Vladimir PutinRussian President, Vladimir Putin spoke Tuesday and insisted Russia does not want to annex Crimea. He ordered the return of Russian troops, citing their completion of exercises in the region. Putin spoke to reporters and issued a statement which related to Kiev’s leadership. President Vladimir Putin insists, Yanukovych, did not order the demonstrators to be shot, as the world watched in horror during the Olympics. Yanukovych is a wanted man in Ukraine.

Putin believes the new parliament is shaky, especially the acting president and it has not been good for the southern and eastern parts. He says his troops are there and have not fired a single shot. He insists use of his military force will be a last resort. President Putin goes on to say, military action, would be for the rights of Russian people in eastern Ukraine and because Yanukovych requested such help. But Putin adds he does not think Yanokovych has any future in politics. He said the United Sates went to Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya without authorization from the UN and Putin sees this as a double standard.

President Vladimir PutinUnited States President, Barack Obama, says the U.S. is looking into economic and diplomatic ways to stop Russia from advancement in the Ukraine. Putin reflects that U.S. imposed sanctions will have multilateral effects over Ukraine. The Kremlin says if the U.S. imposes sanctions, then Moscow could decide to not repay loans to banks in the United States.

John Kerry will be arriving in Kiev today to talk about aid for these people. The International Monetary Fund will arrive and determine if financial assistance or reforms are necessary. Ukraine’s parliament will receive close to $840 million in loans, sent by the European Union.

Amidst the presence of Russian troops, no shots were fired and a quiet night was reported Tuesday morning. “Brother nations” and negotiations are what one unarmed Ukraine soldier called for. President Putin ordered the return of his troops on Tuesday, completing six days of exercises near the Ukraine border.

The Russian troops near Ukraine’s border, according to Russian authorities, were already in place and only meant to be a preparedness exercise. Not just on land, but by sea, is how this standoff has been played out. The Ukraine’s navy has Hetman Saraidachny heading for the Black Sea and Russia has two warships on its way their, too.

President Vladimir PutinThe UN Security Council met in an emergency meeting to respond to the Ukrainian request for help. It cited 16,000 Russian troops have amassed by plane, boat and helicopter to the Crimean Peninsula in the past week. Diplomacy methods at the UN called on Russian Ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, to withdraw troops; he insisted his country was only trying to protect Russians from radical extremists. He pointed out, Yanokovych, asked Russia for troops via a letter; Yanukovych described Ukraine as, “On the brink of civil war” and consumed by “chaos and anarchy.”

Is this back and forth like a game of chess with real lives at stake? President Putin has noted that Yanukovych, the ousted leader of Ukraine, is alive as he has met with him. The Kremlin, who still sees Yanukovych as President of Ukraine, issued the announcement of the end of exercises for the 150,000 Russian troops.

The U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power believes Russia has it wrong about the problem in Ukraine and sending troops could be harmful. “Russian military action is not a human rights protected mission,” Power said. “It is a violation of international law.”

President Vladimir PutinSecretary of State, John Kerry, over the weekend said Russian invaded Ukraine as “a brazen act of aggression.” Russia responded Monday night that Kerry made, “unacceptable threats against Russia.” For now Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops to return.

By Kim Troike