Prince William and Kate Middleton Are ‘Delighted’ About New Nanny

Prince WilliamPrince William and Kate Middleton have recently hired a new nanny and they are “delighted” about it. However, the decision to hire professional help has come under scrutiny by the British public, considering the Duchess of Cambridge previously said that she wanted to raise her own baby. However, why are so many people judging a mother for hiring professional help? She is doing something that she believes is best for her son, the future King of Great Britain and Ireland.

The new nanny has been announced and is Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, but that is all the information given about her. She will constantly be in the public eye now that she is an employee of the royal family, but spokespeople for Windsor Castle ask that her and her family’s privacy are respected.

She will join Prince William and his wife on their family tour of Australia and New Zealand. During this tour, the royal couple will need to make a number of formal visits. It will not purely be for recreational purposes.

The couple did initially have a nanny after the birth of Prince George. Jessica Webb, who was the nanny for Prince Charles’ two sons, agreed to temporarily leave retirement to help the new parents. Unlike royal couples before them, Webb was only hired on a part-time basis. Their reasoning for this was that they wanted to be more hands-on as parents. However, they accepted that they would need help when they had formal engagements.

Now Prince William and Kate Middleton have decided to hire a new nanny on a seemingly more permanent basis and are “delighted” that Borrallo has joined their team of staff. However, there are now many people criticizing the move.

In the couple’s defense, both are working parents. While it may seem like they do very little apart from getting photographed meeting people, their jobs are important. Queen Elizabeth II has been scaling back her appointments lately, and it has been left up to her son and grandson to take up the appointments. They will both be kings one day, so it makes sense for them to get an idea of the duties the title involves.

Caring for a baby is a difficult task as it is, as any parent will agree. While it is rewarding, it does not take away the fact that children need constant care. The royal couple cannot do that and attend all their functions. It would also look unprofessional for them to meet political leaders and event organizers with a baby in their arms. Nobody would expect regular employees and business owners to do this, so why would they expect the royal family to do this?

The two are very much like any normal parents. They want to spend as much time raising their son themselves as possible, but it is not always allowed. In September last year, the second-in-line to the throne made a comment about checking his phone to ensure all was fine at home because it was the first time for the couple to be out without their newborn son. It makes sense that Prince William and Kate Middleton would choose to hire a new nanny and are “delighted” at the skills and experience that Borrallo brings.

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  1. Paris   March 20, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    At one time they was complaining about they didn’t have a Nanny and now that they have one parker bowles and her kkk friends is at it again! Get a life or read the bible that is Sad

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