Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Episode 5 No Sad Songs (Review)

Private Lives of Nashville Wives No Sad Songs
This week on Private Lives of Nashville Wives the episode is called No Sad Songs obviously referring to Sarah Davidson’s impending divorce, episode 5 opens with Jenny telling her husband about the divorce “bombshell” dropped in her lap when she saw Sarah. Her softer side is still there as she tells JT that she plans to be there for the country singer.

It looks like Jenny may have her hands full dealing with the two annoyed twins Anna and Betty. The three ladies have a sit down at a coffee shop and while Betty is eager to settle the issue of the charity auction guitar and the missing invite, Anna seems intent on making waves. Amazingly the twins and Jenny make up and the fireworks are averted this time.

All the ladies gather at Cassie’s house and as they sit by the pool Sarah decides to tell the rest of the group about her divorce from Dallas. While Fighting back her tears Sarah reveals what she thinks caused the marriage to fail and that she wants to forgive not just Dallas, but herself, for the end of their relationship. All the ladies give the singer support and Erika upsets Jenny and Anna again.

Surprisingly, Erika tearfully confesses that she was an alcoholic and Sarah is confused as to why she brought this particular subject up. After sharing her news Sarah leaves the poolside get-together and the ladies point out that Dallas never wrote his wife a number one song.

No Sad Songs, episode 5 on Private Lives of Nashville Wives, shows the women bonding on one hand and creating discontent on the other. Jenny and Anna are still “anti-Erika” and the two get together to have a “b*tch” session about the former soap actress.

But before then, Betty goes to see Manuel Cuevas – designer to the rich and famous – to set up the accessories for his next fashion show. The two are friends and Betty reveals that Manuel has always challenged her capabilities. It is this show that she asked Jenny to “walk in” and she also plans to ask the other ladies to participate as well.

Cassie takes photos for Erika’s headshots and and the actress is very pleased with the results. The better results may have to do with the fact that Erika was much more relaxed with Cassie, whom she has bonded with. The two appear to be building a firm friendship and they each provide a great support system for the other one.

Jenny has learned of Erika’s outburst at the poolside party at Cassies where Sarah let the group know about her divorce. From the reactions from Jenny and Anna, it is clear that these two will never be members of the Erika fan club. The business woman has declared that the soap actress is self centered and narcissistic and the single twin, Anna, agrees.

Dallas has moved out of the house and Sarah is rehearsing with her band and focussing on her big Chicago show. The singer points out that she feels like her family is the band and she takes solace from them. Her heartbreak has certainly not affected her voice as she gives a killer performance at the rehearsal.

Speaking of killer performances, Erika rocked it at the Betty/Manuel show and Jenny is surprised to find that the actress just may not be as self centered as she thought. While Betty is still angry at Anna’s showing up late to help, the show goes so well that she’s overjoyed with the outcome. These Nashville ladies manage to all bond over the show’s success.

Private Lives of Nashville Wives: No Sad Songs gives viewers a chance to see the “country” side of life in episode 5 just as in the previous episodes. The show continues to step away from the type of reality programs that deal with celebrities who are famous for being famous, or because of a leaked sex tape, the show deals with the more “down-home” folks in the country music capital. All of these women feel real and aren’t afraid to just be themselves whether anyone likes it or not. Next week’s preview indicates that there may be a showdown between Erika and Jenny as the actress strikes back at the aggressive businesswoman. There could be blood. Oh yes.

By Michael Smith



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