Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Get Out – Heartache Country Style

Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Get Out - Heartache Country Style
At the start of Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Get Out things look strained between Sarah Davidson and her husband Dallas and it looks like a case of heartache country style. The two are on their way to Georgia where she’ll perform and Sarah is keen to work on her relationship with husband Dallas. Sadly, in the van on the way, things look to be pretty divided between the two and, as he said last week, being married is hard.

Jenny and her party organizer hubby JT are working out the final details of their charity party and three of the girls go out to pick up costumes for the Asian themed event. Cassie continues to be one of the most caring of the group and Anna stays true to her self centered existence. It is beginning to look like the alliance between Jenny and Anna is losing traction without Erika to pick on.

Meanwhile back in Cordele, Georgia the weather blows in rain and it looks like Sarah’s performance may not happen at all. Since Dallas is back at his mother’s house in Cordele, Sarah is pretty upset that on top of the possibility of her show being cancelled, she is not able to spend time with her husband.

Cassie and Gary Chapman talk about their new baby and Gary’s trepidation about his upcoming album. He also reveals more of his past and it looks like this country gospel singer was walking on the wild side “back in the day.” Gary tells Cassie that he isn’t worried about the monetary success of his album.

Sarah’s marriage shows signs of strain at Dallas’ mom’s house and it is apparent that his statement about marriage being hard in last week’s show was a serious one. The weather in Georgia is not the only thing bad here. Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Get Out concentrates not just on Sarah’s broken marriage, but on heartache from more than one of the wives. More upset is evident at the Asian style country charity event put on by Jenny and JT.

Before the charity party, Gary Chapman is back in the recording studio for his first new album in 10 years and Cassie is singing on the album as well. Gary sees this as a real family project that little Eva Rose can listen to as she gets older.

The weather clears for Sarah’s show and despite what looks like a full house there is one person missing from the audience, Dallas. The singer is upset that he isn’t there, but like a true professional, the show goes on. She reveals that “sometimes” the marriage doesn’t work. Finally, her husband shows up at his wife’s show and Sarah says she doesn’t think her other half, “gives a sh*t.”

Meanwhile Anna’s twin Betty calls Jenny to complain that she did not get an invite to the party. Neither Jenny nor JT are sympathetic towards Betty’s bruised feelings and the charity “do” for the Make A Wish Foundation is attended by Sarah sans Dallas. Jenny notices his absence immediately.

Anna’s costume raises eyebrows and despite the alcohol flowing freely, Sarah looks unhappy. Someone else at the party shares her discontent and that is Betty. She is upset that JT did not clear Raoul’s signing a charity auction item before the party. Jenny, Betty and Anna argue in the corner and Jenny jumps down Betty’s throat.

By the end of the evening the three women “kiss and make up” but Jenny is not happy with either twin. It also looks like Anna and Betty aren’t happy with each other. The day after the party Sarah reveals her heartache to Jenny at the end of Private Lives of Nashville Wives: Get Out and this country singer with the big dreams admits that she and Dallas are divorcing. It was good to see the business woman in a more sympathetic light, this doesn’t seem like Jenny’s style and her comforting role may not last very long.

By Michael Smith