Reducing Energy With the Help of Technology

Reducing energyReducing energy to save electricity today has been one of the main concerns in the world. People use electricity without paying attention to its importance. The use of too much electricity creates negative impacts as well as it will destroy a big part of the planet. Organizations, big companies, and media channels should host attracting commercials on how people should start using electricity more efficiently with the help of technology.

Reducing the use of energy from our everyday life will definitely help and support the environment we live in. Reducing the use of energy will help in saving money, having less pollution, and providing a healthier environment. Reducing energy can be easily done at residential places by reducing the use of lights and benefiting from daylight. Having the natural light from the sun entering the houses will clean up the air and give life to the place. Another way to reduce energy at home is benefitting from the natural breeze or air instead of turning on the air-conditioning. Having a clean air will benefit the person’s health and clean the breathing system. Using an energy- efficient water heater and a heating system in winter is also a great way of reducing energy. These solutions are easy and help in using energy more wisely.

Many companies were trying to find a solution by developing technology. Having new lines of technologies introduced to that field, will help in reducing the use of electricity and start using it in a more efficient way. WiTricity, an engineering company that was founded by Marin Soljačić in 2007. WiTricity is an American company that produces and manufactures new devices for wireless energy by the use of resonant energy transfer. WiTricity started to work on transferring power to devices without using any kind of wires. WiTricity introduced the “Source Resonator” that works in an intelligent way. It is based on a coil of electrical wire that generates and produces a magnetic field when someone attaches power to it. Another benefit of “Source Resonator” is transferring power to another device. This can be easily done the moment a person brings a device into the magnetic field. This results in inducing a current in the device that will lead to produce transform power. By doing this step, people can simply light up a specific space.

WiTricity already developed its plan and succeeded in powering mobile phones, laptops, and televisions by just one step which is attaching the source resonator coils to batteries. WiTricity is working and aiming on creating a new developed future full of technology and intelligence. The engineering company believes that in developing its plan in the coming few years, wire-free energy transfer can be as easy as the wireless internet today. People can easily walk around their office, having their mobile phones being charged in their pockets without even feeling it. Electric cars will start to be used a lot especially if the car refuels while it is driving or waiting in the traffic jam. Can people imagine their cars with full tanks without going to a petrol station anymore?

With that been said, this will definitely change the life of how people normally live. Having such a developed technology will help in reducing  energy and use electricity more efficiently, as well as it will introduce a bright future for the families.

By Georgina Abboud

U.S. Department of Energy

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