Republican Party Faces Potential Lawsuit from Tea Party Candidate

republican partyTea Party candidate, Mark R. Fisher is threatening to file a lawsuit against the Republican party after narrowly losing a vote to be included on the primary ballot this September. Fisher is contesting the results as he only fell short of winning a spot on the ballot by six votes. Fisher’s campaign manager, Debbie McCarthy stated that the campaign was considering two different lawsuits. One would be disputing the results from Saturday’s convention, while the other would be for collusion between Charlie Baker and the Republican Party, which is a violation of party rules.

McCarthy says the civil lawsuit is part of a strategy to gain access to text messages, e-mails, and phone records that would prove their was collusion going on between Baker and the Republican Party. The executive director of the Republican Party, Rob Cunningham, has not issued any comment on the lawsuits, saying only that the Massachusetts GOP strives to be as equitable and fair as possible with all of the candidates involved in the primaries.

It is interesting to note that while Baker is a Republican, he does not support the traditional party platform espoused by many conservatives on the right. He is a big supporter of same-sex marriage, as well as abortion rights. If someone like Fisher had been on the ballot, it would have made Baker look more like a liberal Democrat than a true conservative Republican, which could have made the campaign trail a bit tougher to navigate.

In order to achieve a victory and get on the ballot, Fisher need to obtain 15 percent of the 2,533 votes that were cast by delegates attending the GOP convention. A chairwoman for the state GOP said that Fisher received 14.765 percent of the vote, which is still below the 15 percent required to get a spot on the ballot. This kind of curt tone coming from the Republican Party makes it a bit easier to understand why Tea Party candidate Fisher is considering a lawsuit. After all, if a person who claims to be a Republican is not on board with the rest of the party, the dissent is viewed as disloyalty rather than standing on principle, something that has been costing a lot of establishment politicians the vote of their constituents.

This incident, like many others happening across the country, serve to further illustrate the stark differences between the Republican Party and Tea Party conservatives. Establishment Republicans, such as Speaker of the House John Boehner for example, have fallen out of grace with those who hold to principles of liberty as opposed to simple party politics. Constituents are beginning to do their homework, not trusting the slick words and speeches of their representatives, but matching what is said with how these individuals vote on issues in Congress. If the Massachusetts GOP really did help Baker win a spot on the primary ballot, it will serve as further proof for conservatives around the country that the Republican Party has been infiltrated by big government Progressives who only care about power, money, and prestige. Tea Party candidate, Mark Fisher, might be filing a lawsuit against the state Republican Party, but if the truth comes to light, and the accusations are true, establishment politicians beware.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

Boston Globe
The Salem News
Gloucester Times

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