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Republican Party Has Their Best Bet for 2016

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The Republican party has come under fire during the Obama administration for impeding congressional duties and generally being a thorn in the side of President Barack Obama. Even with that against them, the cycle of American politics tends to cycle between the two larger political parties. After the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the Republican party has their best bet for the coming 2016 elections. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul won a straw poll hosted at the CPAC, making him the forerunner in the party’s presidential nomination process.

The last time the Paul name was involved on the ballot was back in 2008 where former Texan Representative Ron Paul, Rand’s father, was in the final selection for the GOP. Since then, both he and his son have been followed by a huge support of young people who are entering the political scene. A group known as the Young Americans for Liberty have showcased the American youth’s desire for a more libertarian candidate. The group currently has over 162,000 activists who seek to restore the government to constitutional levels. They also worked along side the Ron Paul campaign in order to do just that.

Senator Rand Paul claims the Republican party needs to grow in order for it to be a viable pick in the ballot box. The perfect audience he says are the younger voters and libertarian voters who just want their rights respected by the government. As seen by a poll done by the Pew Research Center, a mere 28% of Republicans believe the current party represents it’s core values while 49% of Democrats feel a connection with the original platform of the Democratic party. This distanced feel within the Republican party has greatly divided the GOP and allowed for an easy victory for Democratic candidates.

Unlike the second place result in Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Paul wishes to further unite the Republicans in order to lead the nation to a true constitutional republic. Although Paul chooses not to comment on Cruz’s methods, many in the party feel that he tends to cause intra-party conflicts. Political analysts feel that the republican bid for president is wide open while the straw poll clearly shows Rand Paul proves to be their best bet for 2016.

Senator Paul himself has not made his bid for the race yet. He wishes to wait until the congressional elections later this year. Surly he would take momentum in his victory in Kentucky in his campaign. Also, his wide support by his father, Young American’s for Liberty and countless other groups assures a strong candidate for the Republican Party. One year after his 2013 filibuster, he has made good on his promise that the filibuster was only the beginning of his dream of a new Grand Old Party.

Senator Paul’s focus on the youth, once considered the future of the nation, has given him a powerful following. The libertarian platform of ‘live and let live’ as well as ‘no victim no crime’ are growing ever more popular as Generation Y has become more influential in the world. It is time for the Republican Party to accept the libertarian wave as Rand Paul is their best bet for assuring victory in the 2016 presidential election.

Opinion By Andy Diaz


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