Resurrection Is ABCs Touching Take on The Undead (Video)

ResurrectionABC is premiering a new show with a touching take on the undead. ABC has been airing trailers for Resurrection, which appears to be a different version of recent shows surrounding the zombie craze. The Walking Dead has garnered a big following on the premise of loved ones coming back to life. Though they use zombies to add to the drama, the real drama unfolds among the survivors and how they dead with their loss. The same is true in the new series, Resurrection. Though they offer a different take on it, they use the same basic concept.

Anyone who has lost someone close to them knows the size of the hole in their life and how they would give anything to get that person back, even for one day. Resurrection takes a look at the idea of “what if?” What if you lost someone and they came back to life? What if a little boy died and came back 32 years later, but still in the body of a child?

The show opens with a scene set in China. Jacob, an 8-year-old boy wakes up in a rice field. Omar Epps plays an immigration agent who returns the boy to his parents in Missouri. The only problem is that he has been dead for more than three decades. The mother, played by Frances Fisher, has a very emotional response to her son, embracing him and his return. His father, played by Kurtwood Smith, however, struggles with his son’s return. He works through mixed emotions and disbelief.

Despite The Walking Dead and The Returned TV series having a similar premise, Resurrection has a more serious, spiritual and emotional take on the undead. The focus is more on the grief and loss and how the characters deal with the return of their lost loved ones, rather than the zombie or supernatural factors.

Though it is no Walking Dead, Resurrection promises a touching take on people coming back from the dead. They do not look like zombies, but characters are finding love ones showing up out of the blue, though they had been dead for years. It gives the characters a chance to digest the grief from the loss of their loved one and the notion that they came back to life. It forces them to look at that person in a different light.

Viewers can expect to see a milder version of the undead in Resurrection. They are not brain-eating zombies, nor are they distorted or gruesome characters. Amidst the return of the boy comes the revival of the case involving his death and a murder mystery ensues. He is not the only one to return to the living though. Even though the premiere episode will not go into to detail as to why, the undead are showing up and returning to their loved ones all over the world.

The dramatic series is based on a book written by Jason Mott, with the help of Brad Pitt, titled The Returned. Resurrection airs on Sunday, March 9 on ABC. The first season contains eight episodes, featuring a big “reveal” at the end of the season, leaving viewers to find out more, but only if Resurrection is picked up for a second season.

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